Hold No Expectations, Judgements, or Attachments

TL:DR | From the wise ancient teachings, to the modern application, the ideas in this codex entry are to distill my down pulls into words, that could then be lessons.

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Hold No Expectations, Judgements, or Attachments

In a rage and hate filled world, there is only but one light. The key to happiness, and the source to share kindness; That is the path of not holding.

Whether it is attachments to physical/material things, or the attachment to others.

The constant judging or crude analysis of others.

Perhaps the simple thought of expectation based on actions.

If you expect, judge, or get attached then it leads to a negative pull down on your Four Pillars. It fuels the ego with negativity, and in a Star Wars sense a path to the darkside.

The Way You Hold Yourself

I mean this twofold, for the way you present yourself to the world, and the way you hold yourself accountable for these pulls on your life.

Attachments can be good, such as our attachments to family. However they can quickly lead to stress, narcissism, and even materialism in the case of belongings. Like all things there should be a balance of [Maximalism vs Minimalism].

In situations of the judgement variety, we are naturally judges in our lives, and it is how we evolved. To either see the predator in the bushes, or the potential mate across the field. Regardless, our brains have formed into analytic machines. Which could in turn lead to analysis paralysis, or negative biases.

What you expect of others, is also what you expect of yourself. Most people are not going to uphold to the level you envision. Leading only to disappointment, so if you hold no true expectations then you may find yourself free.

Why Does it Have to Be this Way?

Well it really doesn't. I am speaking purely from a Stoicism or Buddhism point of view, where these things are seen as negatives. At least in the basic sense, as with anything there are many sides to the story. As I alluded to before, there is a balance, and that balance impacts even this post.

Sure having the expectation of your neighbor to not attack you is a good thing. The attachment to your favorite technology that is your source of learning and progress, or the judging of a person on your first date. They are all important, and positive versions of the downfalls spoken about in this codex entry. However I aim to expose the negative aspects of these so called downfalls, and why I am referring to them as "downfalls" in the first place.

Holding no expectations leads you to not be disappointed in the outcomes of situations.

Straying from attachments makes it to where if you lose something or someone, then you can move on peacefully.

Choosing to not judge others based on outward appearances leads to more compassion.

The Power of YOU

These ideas are distilled from ancient teachings, and I am only scratching the surface of the wisdom. For I even have so much to learn, and that is okay.

I simply was entranced by this thought, especially as a systematic thinker. Being one makes you keen to notice patterns, to make JUDGEMENTS, hold EXPECTATIONS to probable outcomes, and to ATTACH to those presented ideas/solutions/future potentials.

Allowing for many positive experiences, but also dramatically more negative ones. As you let your expectations run high, and then you fall into disappointment.

You have the power to choose to not fall into those traps, let the brain judge your surroundings sure, but don't let that brew inside of you. Let it go.

Allow yourself to feel comfortable and hold expectations of someone, or something, however do not let yourself be saddened if they do not come true. It is the way of many events in life.

Hold yourself to a higher standard, and hope that others follow suit. If not then you cannot do anything about it, and that is okay. Focus on improving yourself first, only then can you do anything to help others down the line.

You have the power to be proactive, rather than reactive.

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