Highlight Your Web Exploration with Glasp.co

TL:DR | Today we are taking a look at the wonderful web highlighting tool called Glasp, that allows you to share your learning in a peer based environment.

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Highlight Your Web Exploration with Glasp.co

Today I encourage you to wrap your mind around, and Glasp this really cool website. One of the biggest problems I found with the Modular Degree system was the tracking, or rather the "proof" that you learned something. I always-always encourage people to create content. It helps you distill, define in new ways, and is solid time-stamping of your learning. However sometimes you can't really do that, like it is weird to make an article out of another article for example.

What a lot of people do is taking notes, and Notion.so is great for that. I put the Modegree framework template in Notion for a reason after all. However that is all private, it is all just for you, and then you turn it into something else later.

What about if you wanted to share with the world what you are learning, especially for those polymathic types who jump around a lot. There needs to be a way to highlight your learning. There is now!

Glasp - Show The World, What You Learn
Glasp is a social web highlighter that people can highlight and organize quotes and thoughts from the web, and access other like-minded people’s learning.

Syndication of Ideas

Some other great tools some people use are Roam Research or Obsidian, they work like a brain connecting ideas together. The problem is that they aren't the easiest to use/learn, and they have some setting up to do. While they bring ideas together, they don't inherently bring ideas in easily.

Glasp allows you to highlight on any page and bring it into your social profile on the site. Once again like with Notion, Roam and Obsidian, they are all isolated for just yourself. I'll state it again, that is very useful on that merit, but we are social creatures by nature. We have only accumulated this much progress as a species by sharing knowledge. Breaking it down for the next generation, Feynman technique or not, there was a passing along of information. In the digital age that should be even quicker.

However, this is not the case. We have rather archaic methods of learning through traditional schooling, and if you ask anyone in tech they most likely learned their skills on their own. Even if they went to college, which isn't always the case, they still have to keep up with all of the ever changing landscapes.

This social highlighter concept helps out everyone in that field for example, if a new article or methodology comes out for their line of work. A person could find it before anyone else in that related field, happens a lot actually, and by highlighting the important bits; Spreads the information to their colleagues far quicker than before.

Finding Yourself in a Community

There are learners around the world on the same topics as you, but there isn't really great communication tools for this. Unless you find a specific discord, or perhaps Twitter community; Then you are out of luck in finding people of the same interest.

With the Modular Degree, as well as Glasp.co, there is an inherent peer based social dynamic. Letting you see what other people make public of what they are learning, and for the most part I wouldn't think people would have a reason to make things private.

Unless you are learning a skill you don't need to share, but most people truly love sharing what they learn.

While the tool is still currently growing through beta, the already incredible amount of work put into it makes it seem like it is going places. I find that tools like this often do, and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Glasp - Show The World, What You Learn
Glasp is a social web highlighter that people can highlight and organize quotes and thoughts from the web, and access other like-minded people’s learning.
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