Global Growth Hacking

TL:DR | Today I give you my secret sauce, and strategy to growth hacking the literal entire world. If done right, you could reach countless people.

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Global Growth Hacking

I want to change the definition of the word "OmniChannel", for the people who use are too limited in their scope. I say this with endearing respect however, and the reason I do is that it can be so much more!

Omnichannel is explained like this:

Wikipedia Definition.

In most cases people refer to it in the lens of eCommerce, and reaching the customer via any points of contact. I.e. smartwatch or even smart refrigerator.

The problem with this viewpoint is that it is too conversion centric, and geared towards selling to the customer. Rather than simply providing value, as the Wikipedia definition mentions.

So in practice it is used to sell, in theory it is used to support, and what is your point Dustin?

My Definition.

Being defined as a cross platform experience, and some would refer to it as multi-channel even. Showing up in many places, or in the Omni case ALL places, which is difficult to say the least.

Global Marketing

Omnichannel means you are using every facet, so beyond just content creation/inbound like I prefer. However I don't think that we should say that just because I'm solely creating content that I am not omnichannel. There are other mediums, such as ADs, PPC, email, and others that I don't fully make use of yet. However the level of content I create, and plan on creating as well (once I execute my strategy better). Those are omnichannel in their own right, and is the main factor behind why I called my main series the OmniContent.

To be omnichannel is to be omnipresent, to be omnipresent you need some sort of media, to have media you then need to be a creator. It is my belief and view from what I can tell of the content creation space, that people are not doing enough.

For example one of my favorite quotes, that I can't fully explain to people why it resonates with me is:

"You need be making 50-100 pieces of content every day"
-Gary Vaynerchuk

People see the "create" part of that, like oh man how am I going to make 100???

First off no. Secondly, half of those can be tweets, or focused on one platform if you really choose to. That is how MOST creators have done it, but it is the BEST creators who can do it on multiple/omni platforms.

For me I take the polymathic approach like Gary, and go after all of them.

You need to contextualize your work on various platforms, and repurpose to find the end goal of 100.

Here are some resources to understand more:

How To Make 64 Pieces Of Content In A Day
In my continued efforts to bring the most value to the entrepreneurs, operators, and marketers of the world, today on my 44th birthday, I’m releasi...

Gary Vee Content Model 2.0 by my friend Doc Williams

Listen to a Micro-PolyCast I made just for this post:

The OmniContent Model

Strategy + Automation x Execution = Success
-Dustin Miller PolyInnovator | OmniContent Creator

It is simply how you approach the situation that matter. Gary's philosohpy is the success part, for he is trying to lead you to that point. That is why everyone gets so confused, and almost angry at times. It wasn't until he shared the slidedeck that people understood the strategy more. However Doc was able to make it even better, and I'm hoping the OmniContent Model does that again.

You don't need to CREATE

Here is the deal, you do, you do need to create. However if you're smart about it, then it won't take as much work. You can batch out videos, create ideas in one pool, and stop treating content in their own silos. I.e. Video vs Audio vs Written

They're all one if you can work them into the other form.

For example in the video above Gary talks about 50 states, well there are just under 200 countries out there, and 6500 languages (whoa). So many factors you can choose from, and simply take your content and change it for them.

Create fifty different intros/outros to each place, and put the meat the same across each. Hell even do another portion in the middle with a quick easter egg for each location/factor.

One thing I'm seeing Neil Patel and Gary Vee both do, is that they are translating their content to other markets. Like Brazil has a wonderful growing content market, and they need more great creators. Gary from what I can tell even made new channels for them, and even gets them dubbed. Not just subbed.

All in all, you create once, share 100 times, and transform a number more.

Note: I find it really awesome and interesting to mention, that I started the Fireside Blog and Fireside Micro-PolyCast as companions. Now that they are technically separate, it was nice to make matching content today. Still completely new information, but greatly related!

Global Reach

One solopreneur creator CAN do this, and I am trying to be the pioneer for it. I have cultivated strategies after literal years of research. I started looking at social media marketing for my first blog back in 2012, and even have been looking at growth hacks of all kinds.

There are ways to automate a lot of this too, but you have to make sure you tread the line carefully. It is a slippery slope, and you do NOT want to come across robotic or scummy. Messenger bots are cool, but not smart enough yet. You know what, stay away from bots in general at this point.

Use automation to speed up your workflow.

Please take the OmniContent model to heart!

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