Global Content Repurposing

TL:DR | Reaching a GLOBAL market through content creation/repurposing, EVEN as a solopreneur!

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Global Content Repurposing

I find that people are thinking a bit too one-dimensionally when it comes to their content. They only think about their country's market, let alone LANGUAGE as well. While I may not be able to make the bandwidth just yet on spreading out, it is something I think about more often than you would believe.

What am I getting at? Well it is about global markets on the internet, and how their content creators may be a few steps behind. I.e. in comparison to the U.S., Brazil and Taiwan. Countries where yes of course they have internet, but the trends that have happened here over the last four years; May not have happened just

Why would you want to be in other countries?

Think of it this way, if you can extend your content beyond just repurposing into microcontent. Doesn't seem like a good idea?

That is simply all that I am implying here, taking content you've already made, then translating it. Usually subbing AND dubbing do note! Allowing for your already great content to reach even more people.

Perhaps in their native content ocean there is nothing like what you make already, and you will be filling a needed gap.

How can you create content in other languages, let alone contain it all?

Great channels like Mr. Beast and Gary Vaynerchuk are already doing this sort of thing, but they have entire armies of teams behind them.

Not to mention the money to hire things out. However it isn't necessarily a big of a hurdle as you might think. Localizing your content is as simple as popping your transcription into a translation tool.

Now I don't mean google translate or something like that, but I guess if that works for you. There are variety of tools out there that will do this for you. I'll make a post about which tools are out there, but more are coming out every week now thanks to AI on the rise.

You can use that tool to translate the written word, and even text to speech into other languages. Sometimes even with your own voice! Although Mr. Beast does something cool and hires out voice actors from the region, and so his voice actor in one country actually is the Spiderman voice actor there. Such a cool concept!

MrBeast: What Brands Can Learn About Global Reach from the Best-Paid YouTuber
Discover how MrBeast, the highest-paid YouTuber, has used localization to boost global reach, and how you can do the same for your business.

Highlighted Tool of the Week:!

THE high quality podcast and online meeting recording tool. It was first to the market with native double-ender recording. It has a "magic editor" to help you make your videos publish ready, with automated jumps, and transcription.

Not to mention it is what I use to record my Polymath PolyCast interviews!

Your online recording studio

🥡 Takeaways

While today's post was more of a get to know this idea sort of thing, rather than here is a bunch of resources. This sets the ground work for future posts in this newsletter about global content, translating content, and reaching an even greater international audience!

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