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TL:DR | As a means to make it easier for people to find the resources they need. The U.S. tax system is insanely more difficult than it truly needs to be.

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Last year Hasan Minhajโ€‹ released an episode of #PatriotAct his show, where they talked about the pain of doing taxes. Most services are actually supposed to allow you to file for free, but they trick you into using their "free plan" option. That option actually ends up upselling you, or straight up lying to you saying you need to pay for state taxes for example.

When I did my taxes last year the "Free plan" with turbotax was going to end up costing me $160 to pay, which at the time I was out of work due to the pandemic, I couldn't do it. Instead I found the "Free File" option, which the IRS requires them to have, but Intuit as well as many other tax companies like H&R block all try to hide. They remove the SEO, or search engine optimization, so you can't just google for it easily.

I barely found it again via duckduckgo, as Hasan's show I guess didn't keep the url they used to share it last time ย is the link I found for you all, so that if you qualify, then you won't have to pay an egregious amount for taxes.

This goes for various tax brackets too, and is another way to get the links. I mentioned before it can be hard to find the links. I'm not sure if there was a motion that passed that forced them to make it more available, but it was a bit easier to find this past time.

However just in case that changes again, or for your convenience I decided to make this post today.
IRS Free File | Internal Revenue Service
IRS Free File

Couple more Interesting Resources

Hasan Minhaj launches, a very helpful website
Minhaj and company have generously taken the time to sort through all the bullshit on not just TurboTax, but similar competitors like H&R Block and TaxSlayer, to provide everyone with simple, direct links to the truly free services these places still offer.

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