Forget Monk Mode, it is just All about a One True Goal

TL:DR | I felt really riled up today about not getting enough done. I even finished some tasks that have been lingering for a while. Its still not enough, and I want to do even more.

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Forget Monk Mode, it is just All about a One True Goal

Monk mode is something a lot of the creator gurus talk about in order to attain a greater focus on your goals.

You put aside all attachments, and focus purely on your business essentially. Which is great in concept, and you can see why it is called that. Although from what I can tell it is usually done in an extreme way, and sometimes you need that. For me right now perhaps I do. I'm not so sure.

I'm writing this post in flow because I knew I needed to create something, but I couldn't put into words what it was.

The reason I bring up Monk Mode, is actually because I am trying it right now. "Do or do not, there is no try". Technically you have to be all in on it to be really doing it. I find myself struggling a bit at the extremity of it, but to be honest I have nothing else for me to do.

As it happens I am no longer going to karaoke, and therefore have no reason to go out. Dating is a non-existent option in my city. Not to mention I messed up my eyebrows in a grooming mishap, which makes me certainly glad I have no reason to go out anymore. Plus I'll be dog sitting for a while too.

Point is I'm gonna be stuck at home. Video games are still a distraction to a degree, but more often than not they are simply decompression, and I am making my gaming channel ever stronger currently.

Not only do I have no external distractions, but I have a need to be ever more productive than I have before.

I NEED to move to Austin

It has been a long time since I felt so strongly about a decision. I have wanted to move there for the last six years, and always thought to myself just need to save up enough. However I never was able to get the income for it.

While I still don't think my current income is enough per se, and my contract with my job is up next month. It is still completely in the air whether or not that is renewed, or even if I want it to be. I love my work, but I'm not sure if the time commitment is something I want to give up at this point.

While I am fired up on moving, even already packing up. I am also fired up on my YouTube channels. I can't express my frustration on how little they are, and that is not because of any outside factors. Simply put it is my own fault for not making enough content consistently.

Interviews I think slowed me down, but honestly they gave me a whole lot more in other ways. So I don't regret those one bit. I do regret trying to edit them myself for so long.

I'm hoping now that I have an editor, a clearer vision for ALL THREE channels, and I'm cranking out more content. That they will continue to grow, and even produce some income too. That way I don't have to keep paying for podcast hosting, editing, and everything else out of pocket.

In my head I have a plan on how I want my life to turn out. While I am often a bit too early in my timeline, than I would like, there is a point to it. The path itself seems to be following through pretty well, and new surprises lurk in every corner.

I know I need to go to Austin, even if it is for one year, or for 20 years. I don't know.

However what I do know is that it is the first step towards my goals. If I ever want to move to Singapore, Barcelona, create my own seastead, whichever, then this is the first step towards that.

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