Five Ways To Change the World by Mastering Yourself

TL:DR | In order to master anything in this world you have to realize the sheer potential each of you inherently possess. The true benefactor to your life is no other mortal, but yourself in the long run.

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Five Ways To Change the World by Mastering Yourself

Every action you take, every move you make, and every decision you think, will have some sort of impact on your life. Good or bad, and the consequences of these decisions will snowball into larger ramifications.

In order to change the very course of history, and how our future will progress, you must first change yourself. Master every aspect of your life, in order to stay at a personal level greater than you ever have before. In order to make the best decisions you possibly can there must be some sort of preparation involved. Even if its a single second of preparation. You must take that second and make it last a lifetime, think every outcome, maximize your efforts so that they are not in vain. Trust that your inner morals and judgement will decree that the decision you make is a good one.

Here are FIVE ways you can get to that point.

(1) Train Your Body and Mind

Out of the Four Pillars these two in particular are more in constant state of flux, and are the most commonly developed, so at first it would be easier to master these two. Of course no matter what you need to keep all four in check. Simply keeping an eye out for these two first would be a good stepping stone.

Your body is the vessel that you use to traverse this world, and make use of every action you would like to take. That your mind decides to make.

Your mind is the carrier of messages from your Spirit, or in other words your being. It is the Focal Point of your person. The encompassing factor when considering what constitutes YOU as YOU.

These two “things” are what make up the physical form of you, the sheer bodily potential is immense, but the oceanic fluidity of the brain can leave you speechless. I yearn for the day where we can make our physical form last longer so that we can extend the amount of good we can share with the world.

For now you must go out of your way, even if its slight or grand, to maintain your muscles, lubricate your joints, supplement your diet with unique herbs, eat healthy (its a lot easier of a choice when you realize what most people are eating), take life with a grain of salt, and finally make your body healthier and efficient.

(2) Realize That You Are Alive

That sheer potential I was talking about? Yeah that is because right now, at this very moment you are alive. That alone is the most amazing thing in this vast universe. The tiny sliver of a chance that each and every one of us is born, is so infinitesimally small that it is nothing short of a miracle. Do not take life lightly.

Conversely do not take life too seriously there is a time limit to your life. I know we as humans don’t like to think about that, but at some point in your life you will die. It is the only thing promised in life. Success, love, and health is not promise only attained when you go after it.

It is a balance really. Remember just how delicate your life is, but also don’t let that prevent you from living the life you want to live. Don’t let little things keep you from doing what you want to do.

(3) Your Past Creates Who You Are But Does Not Define You

Everyone faces some sort of a challenge in life, some more than others, and you can’t take that away. It is a part of existing in this universe. Strife, pain, and sadness are here so that you can feel satisfaction, peace, and happiness. These are the spiritual and emotional balances in life. They create what encompasses your experiences. The duality of love and hate is great, but there is a fine line in between them. They are the essence of life, the two things that create the dynamic of humanity.

Encompass your emotions into the fluidity of your own life, don’t try and control them constantly. Controlling your emotions is a childish thought, for you want to understand them. Understand how you feel, and why you are feeling it. That way you can truly make the decision with full awareness of your being.

Don’t let anger overwhelm you, or sadness run you down, or happiness cloud you. There must be a balance between it all.

(4) Meditate On Your Life

Think about the times that made you feel, then let them out. Find a release in meditation, let it create a flow through your body. Allow the energy to move and course through your veins. Chakras are the energy centers in your body, and even if you don’t like to use that term, think of your body as a conjoined group of energetic bubbles that need to be maintained or tweaked.

Controlling the outcome of these bubbles will allow you to manifest your health in different ways, overcoming ailments like pain or tenseness. Relaxing the muscles in turn.

Consult a physician if you have an ailment that is far gone or can’t be self healed. Though if it is mild or low risk then use natural ways to heal. Turmeric for pain and anti-inflammatory. Gingko for brain health, etc.

Create an environment for self-reflection and growth, allow yourself to peacefully meditate on your life.

(5) Find Balance

In every act of life there is a duality to that choice, Yes or No. Right or Wrong. Good or Bad. Light and Dark. Life and Death.

Choosing between these can be a monstrous choice at times, and can be overwhelming, but with training making decisions can come at an easier cost. If any at all. The choices you make encompass your life, and legacy. What you choose to do now will forever be in your history. Make that legacy or story worth knowing about, worth telling the next generation, and make sure it comes down to you doing what you want to do in life.

Duality is a blessing in disguise because it means that you can have more control over your situation than you might originally perceive.
-Tyler Gilbert — Colorful Mind


Let your mind float across every thought, and focus on the ones that make you smile, and that would create compassion in the world. This is how change is made. On any scale it starts with this moment here, float away in those thoughts.

Create that path for you to tread all along your life, and manifest your own destiny by creating it as you go along. Find your feelings deep down and let them seep into your mind, not changing it, but teaching it instead. Let your emotions flow throughout your body, and let the energy centers channel it.

You are the key to your destiny, you are the change that can change the world.

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