Ever since 2020 my Work from Home mindset has Shifted

TL:DR | The trials of working from home, and adapting to a more self-reliant way of productivity.

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Before we were all stuck in quarantine, both me and my roommate were pretty much homebodies, and so we spent a ton of time at home.

While I'd venture out for karaoke, there was many nights I just stayed home playing games or working on my computer. I remember pretty fondly the years where I was working 2-3 jobs at a time, and would come home late. Only to then continue working on PolyInnovator.

Those late nights shaped how my personal brand and website evolved.

When 2020 hit it was just a simple numbers difference. Since our jobs were put on hold, then I had simply had to just work more on my content and brand.

I lived for those nights where I worked all day, and then I would go home and work all night. Over the years I sort of lived as a "retiree" I would say. As I got to choose my schedule thanks to client based work, with a handful of fitness classes.

When 2020 hit that building I worked in closed for a few months. Taking me down to almost just 2 clients that were outside of it. Even then I think for a month there I wasn't doing any work.

I went from having maybe 6-8 hours of free time (that would be split between PolyInnovator, Gaming, and Learning), to literally a full day. I somehow had to manage to restart my habits (as they revolved around my job prior), and also make use of my time productively.

My workout habit suffered a lot during this time because my system was eradicated. I focused on rebuilding it, as well as me and my flatmate made a walking habit. Which I used to listen to podcasts and audiobooks to stay engaged in learning.

Since everyone was at home I had a couple opportunities in front of me. I could switch to digital coaching (which I do regret not doing SOME of), and/or (more likely OR) I could do interviews on the PolyCast.

Matchmaker.fm had just come out at the time, which my podcast host had made it, so I joined up there when it was still only a few dozen people.

I started doing interviews left and right because everyone was at home. I was even able to get busy CEO's on the show because they had the time to do it. At least a little bit.

I decided to put all of my effort into these interviews. I had to learn how to get more guests that weren't on that matchmaker platform on, how to be a good host, and how to active listen.

Not to mention the editing was a farcry away from my 10-15 minute videos I had done prior.

I was also going onto tons of shows myself as a guest. It was helpful I think to grow my brand awareness and network. It was crazy to think that I hadn't started doing interviews before.

I nearly burned out...

Seriously I got to the point towards the end of 2021 (and honestly end of 2020 too) where I was doing so many interviews that I couldn't keep up. It took me a year just to make sure I got them all out. I felt bad that people had to wait so long, but I needed to get better at spreading them out recording wise.

Now that we are getting into the second half of 2023 my mindset still has shifted, and I wanted to write about this feeling. Over the last 3 years I still feel like it is 2020. That time basically stopped, but it hasn't. I realized it had been a FEW YEARS since I talked to some people. Despite my best efforts to try and keep up with people. I even had a 6 month counter on my database to remind me to reach out to people.

I had stopped my Omnicontent, now PolyInContent, series altogether to focus on this interview show. Meaning that put me behind on ALL of my plans. I should have at least done one per month, but I failed to keep it going. Even now I struggle at getting them out.

At the moment I finally left my job completely, and only do swim lessons or karaoke. Which both are not the most reliable income for long. Swimming only lasts in the Summer where I live, and karaoke I am just a sub (if I can get a regular gig then it would help).

Meaning I have no job in a month and half.

I need to either find a remote job, as any local one doesn't seem viable at all (I've been looking for literally half a decade). Or I need to take PolyInnovator's monetization much more seriously.

I think the latter is what is going to have to happen.

What I am noticing though is that it is HARD to structure your day, and to make sure you get things done when you say you are going to. If I am going to treat this like a full time job, then I need to actually DO THAT.

Now this is the point of this Codex entry because that is the lesson a lot of people had to learn the hard way when their job became remote.

Many people actually thrived, but others had to figure out a schedule that would get them to actually be productive.

Mind you I've been at this for a lot longer than just since 2020. Yet I still struggle at timeblocking or time management. I realize that I still do a lot more than other creators, and I have to give myself some points. Although in my own view I am not doing nearly enough, especially if I want to get out of this rut.

I mentioned earlier I feel like I am behind because I chose other endeavors instead of my original plan (not just the interviews).

Getting back to where my trajectory should be requires me, at least in my calculations, to go 3x as fast as I am now.

Meaning I need my output to be three times more than what it is. The thing is I HAVE THE TIME. I just need the pull towards the goal to get me there.

I have the push, and I've been pushing myself. I just need a pull to make it across that gap.

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