Esperanto, The Universal Language

TL:DR | Ni estas unu mondo, kaj ni nur povas ŝanĝi nian estontecon!

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Hey all today we are talking about Esperanto, the Universal Language. Now you may be thinking “Who speaks it??”, well only two countries in the world have it as their Official language, but it has speakers all over the world. The reason is because of it’s simplicity, and fluid nature as a language. It was created to be a universal language of sorts, literally created by L. L. Zamenhoff.

According to Zamenhof, he created the language to reduce the “time and labour we spend in learning foreign tongues” and to foster harmony between people from different countries: “Were there but an international language, all translations would be made into it alone … and all nations would be united in a common brotherhood.”

As an international auxiliary language it allowed for fluid communication between different countries and nationalities. Sadly it really didn’t catch on like he had hoped, it did however spread across Europe for a time, then died down. Thereby that “harmony” he spoke of didn’t catch on either. Many different places in Europe took the language for a spin during the “Esperanto Movement”, even the League of Nations considered making it official all over. During some of the major wars in the past century there was major tribulation for Esperantists, and it made it difficult for it be stable in countries. Two micro-nations have it as their official language today, the second is alongside English however.


The U.L.C. and Esperanto

We would like to make a push for the rise of Esperanto once again, even if it is just a secondary language for most countries, if we can get two big countries to speak it, and have the level of communication be strengthened by this one change. Imagine what the outcome would lead!

It doesn’t matter if it is accepted as a primary or secondary language, if we can expand people’s prowess by teaching them another language, it would open their minds to new ways of life. Open their eyes to new cultures, and it has even been proven that learning a second language can improve your Mind Pillar.

This can make the world a much more unified place, and is a relatively simple execution when it comes to changing the world! We always talk about making a change, and sometimes give ways to do it, but for the most part sustainable/grand changes take time and hard work. In an effort not to scare you all off before we are all ready, we hold back a little bit, but we won’t anymore. You all are great people, and your minds strong. Let us create a new world with changes like this as the foundation behind us!

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