Epic Day Poem

TL:DR | Leaving this behind seasons shall subside to our supervision. Having us control the way we see the evident, unavoidable, and unique Epic Day.

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Epic Day Poem

Dear Epic Day your glory gleams through the gloomy night.

Dear graceful day let your gift of radiance overwhelm the choke-hold of winter.

Gleaming over the rain and storm, doesn’t that give the feeling of being forsaken?

Being treated like a slave of the seasons, putting chains of frost and cold on the soul.

Out of mind and out of sight, the twilight of seasons leaves in the assembly.

Summer swoops in and created the freedom sky, roaring and flurry fade behind.

Summer raises its arms to let one and all know it’s there.

Dear Epic Day you solely provide prevention of the maelstrom of winter.

Dear Epic Day why must it be this way, wonderfully you let out the fine attitude of the sky.

Somehow in a mischievous way you play us to think autumn won’t creep up on us?

Dear Epic Day you light up my brain, it’s no wonder you don’t know your bipolar!

After the breeze of fall hits like a wave, frantically races to prepare for the frost.

Entering no man’s land, the leaves whistle, trees bare their altered form, and sky stays gloom.

Dear Epic Day yes it is fiction that the old times were just as bad, terrestrial warmth does surge.

In the end the world out there takes on the guise of a flying snowball.

Later fantasizing the situations that it took on time and time ago and the possibilities to come,

The Earth has always been an enormous celestial being flowing through spells of sizzling and freezing, never truly understanding its whole meaning.

In the end Epic Day triumphs over the wrong and right not scared of who’s which.

The flow of time wrapping around many aspects of the difference.

Seasons fly through each other like a weave of interlaced periods of preposterous cold and hazardous hot.

Watching nature’s priorities shift from forwarding in spring, and falling in the fall to destroying all plant life in winter and increase sustainability such in summer.

Leaving this behind seasons shall subside to our supervision. Having us control the way we see the evident, unavoidable, and unique Epic Day.

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