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TL:DR | These are the 3 main content areas for PolyInnovator at this time. As time progresses they will expand into others as well. Here are a few playlists to get you started!

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Education | Exercise | Technology

PolyInnovator Content Pillars

The Ecosystem of content here is vast, and the same goes for the TeleInnovator Channel. When you go on there you'll find content around Education, particularly Self-Education and Modular Education, Technology such as digital marketing or smart cities, and even in the future more content around exercise.

As a channel that started out purely as Self-Education and Polymathy as topics, there are a lot more now. With an ever growing list for the OmniContent, which the Omni for Omnichannel also stands for Omni/All content topics.*EmzQL6IqOVwsw4N-a36Y-g.png

Innovation is the key

Dramatic differences in technology or even ideology is often referred to as disruption in a sector. However oftentimes it is simply not on that level, as innovation is inherently incremental.

There are plenty of times where things take a complete spin, such as when Netflix completely destroyed Blockbuster. However even that took years, and they both had been in business for a while, with the latter considerably longer.

Innovation is key to success in any circumstance, you want to live healthier and longer? Then innovate your nutrition and exercise routines.

You want that new piece of tech to be smaller and faster? Innovate the creation process.

You want to learn something that will get you a good job, or fulfillment? Then innovate your learning style, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Too many people hinder themselves by holding back; please don’t.

The idea behind these playlist and topics is to not only show the path I am going on to innovate these areas, but moreover to motivate you to find your own path of innovation in them too.


Education Video Playlist

The truly successful do not learn in school, the truly successful learn by being an autodidact. A self-teacher, and their actions reflect that knowledge gained as well.

Constantly seeking new ways, and new skills to obtain.

Cultivating a mindset towards becoming better than who you were before.

Any sort of rebel educators or innovation in the field (as vast as it is) goes into here, and so you'll see stuff like the Modular Degree content from me for example.

Self-Development with Exercise

Exercise Video Playlist

Exercise is fundamental to our existence. If you don’t do it, then you aren’t doing what you are naturally born to do. I don’t care if you don’t like sports, I don’t care if you grew up skinny or overweight. Either way you have the power to change your position.

Growing up I was weak and thin, only ever getting stronger by constantly pushing myself. I do not have any physical genetics that help me, and I feel like even my testosterone levels are naturally lower than others. Making things even harder.

If I can do it, then so can you!

Self-Improvement with Technology

Technology Video Playlist

Constant improvement is the foundation of Self-Education, but you can’t do it by learning a new skill everyday. Trust me I’ve tried.

You have to find something that you can improve on a daily basis, such as discipline (as I had to get myself to write today for example), creativity, soft skills, communication, knowledge, and so much more.

This open-minded expanse dynamic allows for every individual to create their own pathway, and that is integral to success. You must decide, and follow through on your own.


The balance between Self-Education, Self-Development, and Self-Improvement are all just different interconnected levels of the same autodidactic experience.

I challenge you to find a way to innovate your own life in these thought processes.

This is exactly why I create the content I do, and writing this today made me realize just how important they all are. I have some improvement to go do, please excuse me!

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