Discipline for Uncategorized Individuals

TL:DR | In navigating life's complexities, prioritize tasks with a proactive "Do" approach. Embrace discipline amid waning motivation, akin to courage triumphing over fear. Understand the dual nature of being pulled toward goals and pushing past hurdles for personal growth.

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Discipline for Uncategorized Individuals

Even at the moment of writing this I am pulled into many different areas and projects. Any person, uncategorized, or not; They can relate to having the feeling of being pulled in many different ways.

It is an overwhelm that you can only understand if you've felt it, and we all have at some point in our lives. I sometimes find myself thriving in the chaos of it, and other times struggle to get day to day. In these moments it important to remember these key details.

Prioritization and Time Management

Finding out what is most important, and putting that at the top of your do list. "Do" this first, then Do that next. It isn't a To Do, but rather Do when you have the capacity to do it.

I get a lot more done than a lot of people my age, let alone the polymathic crowd, as this is because I am able to push my Do items to points where I know I can get them done.

Manage your time effectively, try not to sleep in too much, have blocks that you know your energy levels are higher (circadian cycle), and treat your calendar like gold. Time is money after all.

Discipline in the absence of Motivation

Notice how the title of the post is not "motivation for uncategorized individuals? Just as the quote goes for courage:

"Courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it."

Rather it makes me come up with this quote:

"Discipline does not come with the appearance of motivation, but rather the insistence to continue even without it."

You are not always going to feel motivated, and in fact most times you are not going to feel motivated at all. You must still continue forward however, and pursue your goals regardless of how you feel. That is true discipline.

You may not like doing the exercises cause they make your body ache, but you still gotta keep pushing past your limits in order to get stronger.

The Push and Pull Mechanic

A lot of great minds in history have talked about being pulled towards something. A goal, an idea, or something of the sort, that is pulling them forward in life through the hard times.

However that means nothing if you can't push yourself as well past the hurdles.

Most people have something pulling them forward, although not everyone finds out truly what that is until later in life. Hence the question "what is your WHY" or "Ikigai"?

However it goes the other way too, you can't just push yourself forward by yourself either. You need somewhere to go, and a fire under you as well.

You need both.

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