Customer Service Industry

TL:DR | RANT | Why does customer service always seem so terrible? There really needs to be a massive shift in the the CX industry.

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Customer Service Industry

I am a patient person...

Except for when I am on the phone with a company. I have a three strike system in mind, for when they make repeat myself multiple times, don't listen, refuse to help, or simply just don't seem to have any common sense.

This rant of a post today is because I just got off the phone with Amazon, which is a company I have had hell with in the past as well. For some reason companies of all sizes just can't seem to figure out how to adequately make a customer feel welcome and help them.

Bank of America and Paypal (literally the worst) are two other infamous examples, with the latter literally sending me in circles to no resolve.

I just don't get why in a world of such high tech there is such seriously archaic methods of authentication, and a 1000 steps to get through just to change one thing. Don't ever try to change your phone number with a company, or you'll never be able to do anything again. Just will be on an infinite loop of rage, hopelessness, and idiocy.

The worst is when they don't even send you to a person at all like Uber, where even if you somehow get to a human being they just reply with a literal copy pasted response. Honestly I think it is an algorithm not an actual person, but I was once left in a blizzard because of Uber. Then when I tried to contact them about it I couldn't even get a contact number, let alone a person.

Same thing goes for Paypal, however you get to a person, but they just send you to another department, and that cycle repeats. Literally nothing getting done in the end.

I just DON'T get why this has to be the case, and why we have to have such terrible situations. I dread the time I ever have to call customer service, even with a good company.

I had such a pleasant experience with a problem, when I had to call Skullcandy. There was a long response latency, and they didn't respond to my last email, but my problem was solved. I ended up with a better product in the end too. There is good out there, but it is so far and few in between.

This is rather a short post, but I felt that it needed to be let out. There really needs to be a massive shift in the the CX industry.

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