Creation + Syndication + Repurposing = Success

TL:DR | Making your content isn't enough. You have to make sure it is shared across the right amount of platforms, repurposed to its fullest potential, and that you are curating related content as well!

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Creation + Syndication + Repurposing = Success

Welcome to the ultimate content repurposing newsletter! I created the PolyInContent Digest to be the best content creation and repurposing series out there. P.S. Much love to Content10X however!

Every creator wants to be successful in their respective field, and many solely focus on the creation side of things. I know that I've been guilty of this as well.

Why do these three things come together?

When they do, then why does it determine success for you as a creator?

Creating is just the first step in the process, and if you fail to do the rest. Then you are leaving a ton out on the table. Syndication is a tricky beast, but if done right you can literally double or triple your output.

Think about this: there was a time (it is no longer the case, so don't do it), but bloggers would reblog their content on too. That lead them to essentially double their output at that time. Now I see the current opportunity of just taking your same short form video, and syndicating across tiktok/reels/shorts/pinterest, and maximizing the reach of that video.

If you add repurposing to the mix, which not only may be the SOURCE of those short form videos. I.e. in the case of my PolyCast Interviews. You can take your content tenfold, or as Amy Woods puts it Content 10X!

How to do it?

You make your pillar piece, whether it is a blog/video/podcast, then you transform it into the other two. #repurposing

From each of the Pillar pieces, you can decide whether or not to cross post it. I.e. YouTube, Facebook Video, and Odysee. Or LinkedIn Articles and Etc #syndication

Chop up each big piece into smaller microcontent chunks. Videos to shorts, blogs to tweets, blogs to quote images, podcasts to audiograms, etc. #repurposing

Finally, if someone talked about the same topic you did, then you can share their content after yours to add more credibility. #curation

Highlighted Tool of the Week:

While a bit more gaming centric than what other tools we talk about on here. I for one am a gaming creator in addition to my main content, and maybe some of you out there are as well.

This tool is one of the few out there that can automatically find your highlights from your gameplay VOD. It also includes a shorts editor for you to make into short form video content. is an all in one solution for your editing needs.
Get stream highlights at your fingertips: AI-automated and instant clips converter to Tiktok/Shorts/Reels. You stream, we clip!

🥡 Takeaways

Let's also throw in curation as well, as if you are doing the baseline creation of content. Then you'll want to be sharing more often. That'll lead you down to the path of repurposing. Through that you'll see that syndication works on certain platforms. I.e. shorts/reels/tiktok or X/Threads etc

Then you may want to share even more to build up your thought leadership, that is when you would start sharing your competitor's posts. As they are speaking on the same topic as you are, and so by sharing it to YOUR audience. They will get even more benefit, and they'll like YOU more for it.

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