Content Proliferation

TL:DR | Reaching a multitude of people, is about reaching a ton of channels. Proliferating your content allows you to have more of an octopus-like movement swimming through the water of content.

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Content Proliferation

Rapidly increasing the amount of content you create is what we all want in a way.

Finding out ways to do it however is a different story, and doing it effectively is another. Now I’ve spoken on some really amazing tools in this newsletter already, and soon I’ll send out some reviews of some of them. However let’s think about the mindset and strategy first.

Thinking like a Waterfall

When you create one big thing, there is a pool of ideas and benefits from that big content. Those ideas swirl and mix, then fall down to the next step, whether that is another content type, or perhaps even just a group of microcontent.

It all cascades down from one source, which then allows you to reach an even greater number of people.

While a little dated, this was my original PolyInContent Strategy!

One thing I think people don't think about enough is time. Each piece deserves to be shared more than once. I certainly have a hard time doing that myself even, and I have tried hundreds of tools to find out a way to automate it.

Channels are just Pools

Each platform has unique rules, content ideas, and even overall vibe. When you create a piece of microcontent you have to cater it to that vibe. Think of the different pools containing different elements. One pool at the bottom of the waterfall is fresh water, another is saltwater, and another still is more algae centric.

The point is that each one has a different consistency, even though it all comes from the same water source.

Understanding the context is key to mastering an omnichannel presence.

Learn to Swim each Channel

The rules of Instagram are not the same as Pinterest, despite the fact that they are both image based platforms.

When you create microcontent you don't just create once and send it everywhere. However you don't need to remake everything either. Just a bit of tweaking of the aspect ratios, working on a color theme (either per platform, or for your brand as a whole), and making sure it fits in the vibe of the channel.

Allow yourself to make mistakes too, and learn from them!

Leverage MicroContent to Build your Pillar Content

It may be a waterfall from the big pieces down to the little pieces, but it also works the other way around. Each microcontent is a stream to the top of the waterfall, and then the cycle begins again.

We are seeing that right now start to show results with the introduction of related videos to YouTube shorts. Long form videos by the same creator, or similar topics, are being shown to people watching those related shorts.

If you come up with the right strategy, and then execute a cohesive approach... then you'll be swimming faster than anyone!

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