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TL:DR | Why I am so obsessed with this idea, that I need to keep creating more?

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Honestly I blame Gary Vee, but this was a decision I made well before I found the famed entrepreneur.

I even started blogging in 2011, which predates any of my interactions with the guy. Meaning the question remains, why am I so obsessed with creating content. Instead of creating a business like I thought I was gonna do growing up, instead of pursuing a full time job like my grandmother and bank balance want me to do, and instead of going after girls like most guys my age. Why is that?

The self-deep-dive today is what is driving this blog post. I made this blog and the Fireside PolyCast because of my desire to create more, specifically daily, and to cultivate the habit.


What is the point? Really I think it comes down to the fact I like to talk, I like it when people hear me, and I like making a difference in people's lives. However I can't be thinking that everything I post is that important can I? That is a bit egocentric, and not what I am wanting to have come across. Although I don't think it does for the most part.

I write, speak, and present in ways that I aim to be genuine, and I believe that can be received in that way.

If it is not the fact I like being heard, then why am I so magnetically drawn to creating content? Is it a desire to create? To aspire to the greats before me in my own way? Possibly, although I think it goes beyond that, for it is a shaping of my legacy over time.

Content creation is a way to make your life have more of a sense of permanence. Websites come and go, but who knows what website will stay for a long time (like a 1000 years), and perhaps one of my texts or content pieces will be on it. A person way down the line will see my work, and treat it as if it was philosophy. Making it important to their daily lives and principles. Allowing me to have an impact on them, way long into the future.

Hopeful thinking yes, but it is possible!

Is legacy even a goal? Or just Optimism?

There may be the reason why I've failed time and time again. I'm creating content for two reasons, for the sake of creativity, and moreover for legacy. Neither of which are tangible, and run out of fuel real quickly.

My desire to create more content may come from a good place, but I burnout not too long after. Leading me down a spiral of annoyance and almost depression from the fact that I stopped. I spent years learning the best tricks and strategies, and developed a really solid plan. If executed I'd be creating way more content than anybody, but I haven't done it.

My next step is to redefine my WHY.

-Dustin M. PolyInnovator

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