Constant Daily Tasks

TL:DR | Reoccurring or One offs, they're still a Priority!

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Constant Daily Tasks

Tasks, tasks, tasks. Not sure why they are so important, and maybe that is just in my head. Although I need to get them done, that is all I know.

Before moving everything to Notion I actually spent a LOT of time looking into various task and project management tools. If you scroll down the codex you’ll see a post I made listing them all.The reason why, and that motivated me to try them, was that I wanted to create a content production machine. Now this was BEFORE all the other creators like Ali Abdaal, Thomas Frank, August Bradley (all of whom I admire), were doing it as well. I actually did end up making some interesting things. Whether it was clickup or taskade, or something else, it didn’t matter.

One thing that August created that really interested me, is his YT channel, where he talks about his Pipes, Pillars, and Vaults system.

DO Dates Not DUE Dates

In that PPV he focuses on days on which to DO the task, not when they are DUE by. That is quite unique, and another aspect behind tasks is their purpose. Are you doing it for personal growth, content production, organization, etc?I made a note, that I had not intended to share, in my Notion that I think sums up what I am trying to achieve by combining multiple productivity systems.

It is all about the Input going into the Output!

“The para system is in/backburner/out, the PPV is like GTD and focuses on the output with a bit of input in there, PPS is about growth and consistency

In = PPS Mid = PPV / GTD Out + PPV

The in being my Personal PolyInnovation System, and Resonance Calendar. The Mid being the “backburner”, where concepts get a chance to grow and be added to, then the out is the production and usage of concepts.

The Problem I Face

It is not that I am spreading myself too thin, for I don’t subscribe to that notion. People keep thinking oh you only should be doing one thing well. No that is lazy, for you can do a hell of a lot more if you put your mind to it. I also happen to have the time for these things, more than most, and I am willing to spend all my time on it.

This also comes down to systems, and I would consider myself quite the successful systematic thinker. The way my mind works has allowed me to accurately predict situational outcomes purely from taking data points. I also have done enough research into the areas that interest me, such as content creation, that I know the best practices. For multiple platforms and content types, so all I need to do is execute.

What I am needing to do is optimize my workflows and systems, such as creating a unique task system or second brain in (like I mentioned before). Organizing all my data, then actively use it fully. Once I have my personal operations improved, it would then come to improving the output. Either by getting better tools, which is why I was looking at Ghost CMS, or automations etc; Or perhaps the better usage of current tools, such as I am still not using to it’s fullest potential.

I just know that money is my biggest hurdle, some tools that get the job done, but albeit not perfectly simply cost too much. Other tools like how I want to move when my website expires, are a good idea and worth it, but I can’t figure out how to afford. I live in one of the cheapest apartments (decent quality still) in my city, of which is one of the cheapest in the country tbh. Yet I can’t seem to make enough money to sit comfortably, and I blame part of that to the pandemic. My work isn’t necessarily on the hierarchy of needs, but the little hours I do work I get paid well. I need to find some way to either work more hours, or make subscriptions for PolyPro more worthwhile to readers like you!


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