Companies That Should Unite Together

TL:DR | This is a thought experience I've entertained for years, and would like to share this unique perspective. What if your favorite companies combined their efforts?

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Companies That Should Unite Together

Over the years I have entertained the ideas that what if certain brands and companies would unite their efforts. To most people it seems like a hell freeze over kind of situation, but I think there are reasons it could happen.

For most of these brands I am either a big fan of, or know a lot about their history. This way I know what products they failed at selling, projects, ideas, and endeavors they work towards.

The idea here is to take the faults of one brand, and then counteract those with another. Now I'm not particularly saying these companies should merge, as that could lead to monopolies, but there could great collaborations.

Sony | Disney | Apple

This one is pretty crazy to start off with, and don't be started on monopolies. However I think that with Sony's background in gaming, Apple's tech, and Disney's content it would be a great match.

Netflix got out of the gate with the first mover advantage, and that causes platforms like Disney+ to suffer, even with loads of original content. Having partners that make the hardware like Apple and Sony, of which could implement some sort of deal to push the app.

Apple has had a BAD rap when it comes to gaming. Not only does iOS have very little in the way of gaming (yes they made some pushes with some games), but Mac OS is often greatly overlooked purely because it can't game (wine doesn't count).

If Sony could collaborate with Apple with their game streaming service (technically Xbox could too, but I doubt Microsoft would even entertain the idea), then they could be one of the only platforms that Playstation games could be played on.

They have experience making phones, like the Xperia, that were basically playstation portables. What if an iPhone came out with PS buttons and games?

Microsoft | Nintendo

During the wars of the cross- platform gaming world, such as with Fortnite, many of the gaming platforms had a big decision to make. Should they open up their closed ecosystem for the sake of the players? Yes, yes they should, and after some time they did.

Windows always had some sort of crossplay going on with Xbox in some form, but it was when Sony put the hard NO down; That Microsoft and Nintendo did their wonder twin powers, and united against team blue.

This came about because of Minecraft, and was a super successful guerilla marketing move.

If they could expand that relationship more, then it would be interesting to see. Xbox NEEDS more games that are unique, and Nintendo is known for not having the best hardware.

Perhaps if licensed Nintendo games were open to Xbox there would be some happy fans.

Tiktok | Quibi

Ok hear me out, I know that Quibi is "dead", but they both share vertical format (Quibi tried horizontal too), they both are meant for short form consumption, and Tiktok loves having people on their platform. Tiktok also grew exponentially over the past two years.

Tiktok is already experimenting with 3min long videos, and what would short form shows like Quibi had do to the TT user base?

That is all I have to say on that, but Quibi did spend a lot on original content.

That is All

This was purely a sake of sharing ideas, and to get this out of my system. I've been thinking like this for as long as I can remember. Maybe now I can stop thinking about it!

I really think that last one has the highest chance of happening. Tiktok has only been user generated content, but if they were to add more that could be another catalyst.

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