Combining Options is the Key to Success

TL:DR | Being interdisciplinary means you are living between many areas of knowledge. When you have that capacity, then you start to make connections between them.

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Combining Options is the Key to Success

Taking a Polymathic Approach to Your Actions*86_PMnql8alSF_AFAgTJOw.png
Learning to Become More Than You Currently Think Possible

Taking the best out of each of the cookie jars IS the best way to approach life. Here is my post telling you why.

Some people would agree, and others would disagree stating that you should focus on one way of approach. Put forth all effort towards that, but in every experience I’ve seen it is the way of the polymath that prevails.

The Goal to Obtain

When you are faced with choices it is easy to think A or B, and at the fork of the road you'd have to pick which way you go. When you think like that, then yes it is very black and white. In actuality those roads intersect multiple times, and you can always go back to that fork to switch paths.

One might ask to what end? Well perhaps both destinations are useful to your overall experience. You want both in your life, and you don't want to decide which one to choose. Then don't. Just simply choose which one you will do first.

That is your goal, decision of priority, calculate time needed, strive to find intersections, and then go execute. Obtain that knowledge or experience at the end, and incorporate it into your journey down the other path.

The Method of Obtaining

One of the values of PolyInnovator is taking the polymathic approach to everything. Being all encompassing, and "overwhlemed'; They are part of the job, and in actuality there is clarity in the chaos.

If you can just get yourself to start in some form, then even if your task list is long, or the journey is long. You will find a way to get through it, and snowball your way through.

When you interleave, and switch focuses, then you are able to accomplish a lot more in the long run. Eventually those methods come together in a wonderful way.

What is the Situation?

You have two or more options ahead of you, and you are trying to decide what path to take. It could be schools or jobs you want, that all seem great RIGHT NOW. Delay that gratification, and choose one for now. Maybe do even two at once, and build up your hustle. Then after some time switch to the other one. Perhaps due to opportunity cost it may not be as good, but I would say that because you have the prior experience of the other path; That it would be even better than if you chose it first.

Different choices, journeys, and pathways, they all compound. Don't let the society of narrow specialization block you from experimenting how YOU want to.

Try out many things, dabble, and only then will you find what you truly enjoy.

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