Chapter Two: Be the Main Character

TL:DR | The main message of this piece is that you are in control of your own life and can choose your own path. This involves recognizing the strings that are pulling you in different directions and looking for patterns and synchronicities in order to guide your actions.

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Chapter Two: Be the Main Character

In this book we call life, there are two choices...

  1. You take the path you are given.
  2. You take the path you desire.

For those in the former, you need not read on, but if you are the type of person who chooses their own destiny. Perhaps would like to BE that person, then continue forward.

Whether or not you perceive it, there are strings being pulled every which way, those strings make up the weave of fate.

This is the sequel post to the be the author of your own story:

Be the Author of Your Own Story
In order for you to choose your own adventure of the book called your life, then you must become the author of the story. Weave your journey in the way you see fit, and live in each moment.

You are the the main character AND the writer

When you start to see those strings, then you are able to look back and see the plot threads. Hence the idea of "connecting the dots", that Steve Jobs popularized.

This instance of you in the world, is the sole thing you should worry about. Reincarnation can be true, or it cannot be, but it doesn't matter. What matters is what you do in THIS life. Who you are right now is what is important. Do you help others, build up society, achieve your goals, and hell even set goals in the first place?

With the wide and vast potential for your life at your disposal, then how are you going to use it? -Be the Author of Your Own Story (linked above)

While you may be IN the story, there are a plethora of ways you can take control. Look for patterns, and even deeper in the webs of synchronicity. In those you are able to write your next action.

How to write your own path

"No time to question my moves, I stick the path I choose." -Pokemon Master Quest Intro

This is a song I've been listening to a lot recently, and it makes me think about how much influence the television I watched growing up had an impact on me. Pokemon always spouting things like believe in yourself, be the hero, power of friendship, etc.

Avatar: having balance, peace among nations, Yin and Yang, ground yourself in your decision, etc.

Each of these have taught me valuable lessons, that have carried on into my adult life. Following those less dense philosophies, the world of philosophy has always been a passion of mine. Even from a young age.

I had a lot of things going on this past Summer, and in that line of thing. It almost sounds like I am saying "a lot of things happening TO ME", which is a victim mindset. However I took control of my own path. I channeled the lessons of Stoicism, Taoism, and Buddhism. All in order to achieve a peace of mind in a wild collection of strings.

To hell with destiny

Going with the Tao means to follow your destiny based on what the universe thinks is best for you or the world. That is a dangerously oversimplified statement about the Tao, but I wanted to say it.

Wu Wei is about letting go of your perception of control, as it is believed that control is an illusion.

Stoicism is a bit opposite, as it is more about TAKING control in the situations where you lack it. If there is a problem in front of you that you are freaking out about. Then you ask yourself is there any action you can take to fix it? Yes? Then do it. No? Then don't worry. Leaving you in control over yourself.

I find myself a bit in the middle of both. Willing to go with the FLOW, but also striving to find that control in some ways.

What makes you so special?

Well I mean you're here. Not just on this blog, but here on this planet. The chances of being born are something astronomical. I.e. a Trillion to one, or something like that. You are special because you are alive, and you are even MORE special based on your actions.

I don't care if you haven't done anything with your life thus far. It isn't ever too late.

Also it is a bit of a big deal that you are here on this post. You found one of the most unique blogs on the internet, and found one of my more obscure Fireside Codex posts. That's a pretty special path of events.

Go on and Write YOUR Story

Find a string in the world around you. I know that sounds floaty, but I'm being serious. Find a path that you didn't see before, and start down it.

Follow the string until your heart desires to cut it.

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