Autonomous Content Creation

TL:DR | Creating and distributing content automatically. That is the dream isn't it? For some of us we enjoy the process of making content, and have ideas to share. Sometimes we can't be arsed.

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Autonomous Content Creation

What do I mean by Autonomous?

First and foremost the best answer would be a tool that takes one big piece of content, and turn it into microcontent. I think that comes to mind first for most people.

Another way of looking at it is using AI generator tools to come up with content automatically.

Then a revised point of view would be that of combining the two above into a whole system.

These three concepts are fascinating, and really not talked about nearly enough. Hence why I started this newsletter, for people like me and the creators of tools, that we all want more content on this subject.

Why would you want to do it?

For one to save a ton of time. There is so much time used up all dedicated to content marketing, and I don't even mean just for myself.

From things like bannerbear to lumen5, there are platforms that can literally generate the content from just a simple prompt.
Combine that with AI like ChatGPT, and you have a fully auto system right?

We should also ask WHY we WOULDN'T want to do it. Sadly, the technology just isn't going to replace humans anytime soon, and the quality won't fully be on the level of what a top tier creator, or even mid range, can make. The best thing is to use these tools to shave off time spent on tasks like thumbnails or meta descriptions. (I hate writing the TLDR, meta, description portion of blog posts. Idk really why, but it is something I spend more energy on)

How can we automate things?

Listen I'm not going to list off all of the tools that can do this for, as I already did in one of the first newsletters of this series. It would take too long, but I will mention some that come to mind.

When I started my PolyInContent Series I made a very important decision. To start with BLOG posts first, then turn it into a video and podcast. Whereas most people do Video, audio, then blog.

Sure transcription is good, but having an actually well written post will make the video and podcast that much better.

I could use something like Lumen5 to take the words, and turn it into a video. Take bannerbear's api or, and create the thumbnail. Use tweetpik to create a twitter post, and perhaps use Notion or Airtable to coordinate it all.

Using zapier to bridge, although I'm partial to Make, or the late

Once ChatGPT's api is a thing, then you can take a prompt, and create a cascading series of integrated tools. Here is an idea:

Prompt into ChatGPT, turn it into a blog post and tweet thread, take each tweet as a tweetpik to Instagram, take the written content and summarize it, use that for a lumen5 or some other tool to make a tiktok. Send that to shorts, reels, and tiktok of course. Take the whole blog post, perhaps insert another tool like SurferSEO to rewrite the post for a bit different feel. Turn it into a video, cut out the audio and make a podcast.

While I skipped out on some details, there is a solid strategy here, but it is a slippery slope.

Highlighted Tool of the Week:

Considering some of the influence of this post originated from Artificial Intelligence services, then it would be unwise to not mention the top dog at the moment.

I've been using this tool to come up with ideas for video games, blog posts, storylines, code snippets, and much more.

OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company. Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.

🥡 Takeaways

We shouldn't overly rely on these tools, and you can usually tell from the outside POV when someone is doing so.

I.e. the stream of auto tweets on someone's Twitter profile, and the 3 tweets they actually made.

Conversely, if you're automating the sharing of your latest video, tweeting normally, adding context to conversations, replying, etc. Then the automations blend in far better, and it saves you from the time spent doing it.

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