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TL:DR | Creating content is practically a full time job for me, and yet I haven't been really putting anything out? What is up with that?? Here is all that is going on.

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Today I wanted to make a fireside codex journal entry to explain what is going on. Why I haven't been making any content for the most part. If you follow some of the youtube channels, then you would have seen the interviews. However that is about it, and there are few reasons for that.

First and foremost, I'm tired.

I've really been struggling to wake up most days. Now that the sun is coming out more, it is helping. Although this time of year always gets to me, and it is making even more motivated to reach Austin this year. I need the better climate for my own sanity. That is a direct reason why I haven't been making as much content.

Another reason is the interviews themselves too. Between doing two channels it has been hard for the most part to get things done. Not only because editing is a hard task for me. Not only is it hard, but my video editor keeps breaking on me over and over again. Not sure if it is the editor, or my computer at this point too which is frustrating.

Where I'm at, or what I'm planning

I'm always trying to do more, and when I get like this (how I am in my head right now). Then I get obsessed with trying to do a sprint of content. It may even just be this time of year too, I'm not sure. As I feel like this has happened the last few years each year.

Technically speaking I'm almost doing double the amount of series as before. I made a whole new channel. I'm making a "new" series for the PIOS content, and all of that seems like I'm adding more. In reality all I'm really doing is CONTINUING what I had started in the past over the years.

Most of these "series" aren't necessarily continuous (as once I'm done with my list of ideas I can move on or slow down the output), or at the very least like the reviews for the PolyInContent channel I can just do whenever.

While I'd like to be consistent enough for people to expect oh "this series is gonna come out on this day". At this point in time I'm not able to do that. I have a lot I NEED to do, and a lot I WANT to do on top of that.

As a creator I think the best thing for my followers is for me to provide as much value as possible. Either through free or paid content, and in order to do that. I need to release this range of content I have in my head as soon as possible. I can't focus on anything else until its out.

Scope creep?

What I find fascinating is that while yes I have been adding more and more ideas to the todo list for years and years. In reality my todo list has gotten smaller.

For one I've been making progress in actually getting things done, even if it has taken me a couple years to do it.

Secondly, the ideas have been finding homes or getting sorted more and more. Each time I move tools of productivity/organization I find new homes for certain pieces or delete more.

There was a whole chunk I decided was meant for the ULC not PolyInnovator, and since that is a future endeavor. Not something I can work on at this point. All of those ideas are now blocked off from needing to be worked on. That is a good thing in my opinion. They no longer loom over me.

I do feel like I'm adding too many PIOS ideas to post, but considering that is where I'm taking the main focus of my personal brand it makes sense.

Finally, what ALL am I doing at this point?

I completely understand that most people won't keep up with my ever changing array of series.

For the most part I haven't really changed anything. Except forgoing the "PolyInContent" series, and instead creating a channel of the same name for interviews and reviews.

With a content creator/repurposing focus. This also spun off of my content repurposing newsletter, which I intend to keep going too.

I have my Polymathy newsletter as well, and many posts I would like to make for that. From the "knowledge management for polymaths" niche, there is also the PKM stuff, which is just my PIOS content for knowledge management related things.

The swimming newsletter is on hold until I can finish the book. I have nothing else I want to add to the newsletter at this time.

Then honestly the only other thing would be the gaming content, which is a newsletter and youtube channel. I would like to get my state of decay series edited and uploaded as soon as possible. As I started that season/series like a year ago, and it is a shame it has taken me this long to get out.

There are a lot of things I can do with gaming content, but for now it has to come second to all of the stuff above.

Wait, how could I forget one of my most important series? The Polymath PolyCast, while falling under the polymathy aspect of my content. I need to finish this season and take a break for a while. I've been doing too much with it, and it is getting to me. Gonna wrap up Season 6 and put a brake to it.

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NOW Page 43 Feb 2024

Trouble with productivity apps, along with persistent internet outages. Looking ahead, plans include new systems, completing Polycast Season 6, and focusing on content creation, polymathy, knowledge management, gaming, and interviews.

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