AI Automatic Video Editing Tools

TL:DR | AI editing is a new product niche that is quickly growing. These are currently the tools I've come across, and I wanted to share with you!

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AI Automatic Video Editing Tools

I wanted to make a quick post to share these few tools that LITERALLY do the editing for you.

Personally when I do interviews I do an extensive amount of research, I do long LONG form conversations, and I don't mind marketing mostly. However the editing process is the hardest to get myself to do, even if I am decently good at it. The thing that keeps me from procrastinating is the accountability I have to the guest. However as soon as I can hire someone to do it for me I will.

With these tools, I may not have to...?

Disclaimer: I have not used these tools myself, as I prefer Davinci Resolve over Adobe Premiere (which is often the editor of choice for the tools). However I wanted to at least make you AWARE of them. Also these are not affiliate links!

Here are the Longform Editing tools:

Each of these have their pros and cons, some are expensive, others only do Premiere, etc. However what works for you may be unique per person!


AutoPod | Automatic Podcast Editing for Premiere Pro
AutoPod is a set of Adobe Premiere Pro plug-ins that are designed for video podcast and video show editors. Edit multi-camera videos automatically, create social clips, and create jump cuts during silent portions of videos.

Gling AI:

Gling AI
AI-powered video editing for YouTubers. We automatically cut out silences and bad takes so you have time for the fun creative stuff.


FireCut - Your Lightning-Fast AI Video Editor
FireCut boosts your editing productivity by bringing AI seamlessly into your workflow, and speeding up all the repetitive tasks like cleaning up footage, adding zoom cuts, detecting chapters, and much more.

Audio Only: Resound

Resound: The AI Podcast Editor for Creators
Editing a podcast is too hard and time-consuming. Resound is on a mission to automate podcast editing so you can edit in minutes, not hours.

Bonus: Short form Automatic Editing... Opus Clip

While I think they may eventually expand into longer form, they are currently the top dog when it comes to short form clips. You drop in a long form clip from YouTube or Streamyard, and it automatically finds/edits/chops tons of clips.

Opus Clip - AI-powered Video Repurposing
Opus Clip turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for you to share on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels to increase social media reach.


I didn't want to give an analysis or even comparison in this post. As the purpose for this post is to simply share with you what I have found.

Allowing you to test and compare for yourself!

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