A Focused Polymath

TL:DR | Being a dynamic person takes a lot of energy, and as I get older I see the toll it takes. Being decisive and getting things done!

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A Focused Polymath


I never understood why I was so indecisive when I was younger, and as I got older it seemed even more important to know why. I watched videos, and read some books, about being decisive. Action oriented mentality is what I aimed to cultivate, and yet even to this day I struggle at it.

I think I've realized that it is a human nature thing, that we don't like giving up other things, or in other words we fail to understand opportunity cost. Not the concept itself perhaps, but in the skill of thinking of things in the macro perspective.

Seeing options, or other opportunities, as part of a bigger play. Think of a choose your own adventure story book, but in essence that is our real life. I find myself troubled by these decisions, but one thing that has helped me over the years is video games.

In a lot of AAA games, there are story based consequences to your choices, and that is a great feeling. In Fallout games there is a karma meter, in the Mass Effect trilogy there is the Paragon/Renegade system, and many others like those systems. Your choices have a massive impact on the story, and often leads you down a path you could not see otherwise. This is an excellent anecdote to real life, for we are constantly facing these decisions.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with choices, and even the smallest ones can have lasting effects. I was watching a show "The 100", and they had a choice to make. Literally seemed like it was cut straight from a video game:

There was a water production module, if taken it would help 500 people survive during a disaster, or they could help free the 25 slaves who were working around the module (who happened to be there people) by using the module as a bomb. There wasn't a way to do both, and in reality it may have been wiser to choose the module for the larger number of people.

In the end they chose to save their comrades, and that decision could cost them heavily in the long run. However who is the say that one of those people that they saved knew some sort of knowledge that could help them tremendously in some other way.

Focusing on a Goal

The choice they made will ripple into the story weaving out ahead in the show, and it would be wise to take that example to our hearts. With the advent of technology, and specifically video games; We have methods of calculating what consequences would come from our decisions. We could use decision making matrices, or simulations using games, but in the end the decision is ours.

What we choose on a daily basis like I said is something that will play out in the long run.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,and present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our own mind”― Sayings of the Buddha

The very thoughts we have today are the building blocks for who we will be tomorrow. This is the basis behind the law of attraction, which is simply choosing to manifest thoughts that will create a better version of you tomorrow. Some people believe there is a more mystical aspect behind the law, but in reality it is simply just the conscious mind telling the subconscious mind to change subroutines.

Our lower mind operates most of our living moments, and without most of us even realizing it. Many times when we feel a certain way, it is not because of our thoughts; As it is what we determine to be true in our subconscious.

There is scientific backing behind this idea, the law of attraction is claimed to be helpful to many extremely successful individuals, and as you read in the Buddhist text above has been a concept for thousands of years.

We must remodel our brains to be geared towards the goals we want to accomplish. Taking a multi-neural level approach to our decision making, and putting forth our entire being towards a cause. This is what I have failed at with PolyInnovator, as even though I've tried manifesting my thoughts and actions I have not put 100% forth. I've realized that and it makes me even more frustrated. Taking incremental actions daily is the best way around this, for I have already seen a change in my behavior because of this Fireside Codex entry. Not that I care about people reading this, but I wanted something I could focus into that could lead into a stronger habit.

Focusing my energy on creating, without the burdens that I put upon myself for quality on PolyInnovator, and then once the habit is formed I could focus on it.


I'm in this weird zone where I would consider myself a polymath in comparison to others, but in reality I am barely getting started. My brand slogan is literally "A Journey of a Polymath" for this reason. Allowing myself to make mistakes, so that I may learn from them.

A polymath is a master in many areas, not high level, but a master. I would only consider myself a master in the skill of swimming at this point, and even it I could always practice more. Perhaps even more specifically a master of teaching it, rather than legitimately swimming.

My polymathy is a natural occurrence of my being, and is not something I can fight. It is a part of me, and that is why I decided to pursue PolyInnovator to accept that part of my life. If anything magnify it to a new even better level.

I know what i need to do, and I need to get into action to do it.

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