A Declaration of the Interdisciplinary

TL:DR | A Declaration of the Interdisciplinary. This is a siren call for anyone who is polymathic or multidisciplinary to come together.

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A Declaration of the Interdisciplinary

I wanted to make this post for those listed in the subtitle, but also for the linky brains/connectors/idea creators/ and innovators. Letโ€™s come together, and #MAKEACHANGE. This is a post quite reminiscent of how my United Living Construct posts used to be. Hopeful and spurring to action, but over the years I learned how to make content better.

Meaning Iโ€™d boil it down to follow best practices, or a template I created. The point of this Fireside Codex, is to get me grow out of those constraints if I need to. I created the U.L.C. and then the PolyInnovator Ecosystem; To be the catalyst for people to change. Or rather for those like myself who wanted a home to find a tribe of polymaths.

Sure, polymathy takes basically a lifetime to be, but when you know, you know. Whether you adopt the idea that it is defined as someone who has made a major contribution to 3+ areas, mastered 3 or more areas of knowledge, or simply a masterful jack of all trades. I think there is an essence that you get, that canโ€™t be ignored.

I started created content for the sake of making a change, and creating something useful for people. I realized that I had a niche after in polymathy, which is rather an anti-niche. Allowing me to talk about various areas outside of that topic, but that topic is what is leading me to connect with great minds.

The Polymath PolyCast

Since I started the interviews in late June/May-ish of 2020, there wasnโ€™t much expectations upon me. However I made sure I would deeply research my guests, and try to exemplify the polymathic traits they have. Digging into each of the areas of their life.

Now at the time of this writing 63 interviews in, I know that what I am doing is unique, and important. There are pockets of polymaths out there, and I want to unite them all. I started a tribe to be a home base for all to come. Ironically each polymath is going to be different, even if you are part of the same group, and so the real beauty is that I am not competing with anyone. We are all part of the same endeavor, and you donโ€™t have to leave anything to join this one, it is just adding to the pile as an umbrella for everyone.

Where some other tribes may take a bit of a niched approach, this one is all encompassing. I want it to bring value to you, and to the rest of the people who join. At the moment Iโ€™ve only invited people from the show that I interviewed because I knew they were multidisciplinary. However I think it is time to start opening it up to more people. If you to find this post then you must be special. It is on a platform right now that I donโ€™t share much as of yet, and it may move to my home site down the line. If you are reading a moved piece, then good on you for scrolling down!

Please take a look!


I hope to talk to you on there soon!

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