51 - A Decade of Teaching People How to Swim

TL:DR | It is crazy to me how far I’ve come as a person, teacher, swimmer, and overall pool guy! haha People have called me Aquaman, "sadistic", and even of course... Mr. Dustin. What has the last ten years brought as a swim instructor. How do I think, how do I teach, and what can you get from me?

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51 - A Decade of Teaching People How to Swim

10 long years will give you such a crick in the neck!

10,000 Years Will Give You Such A Crick In The Neck GIF ...

Honestly though, it has not felt like that long. When you enjoy something, then time will fly by. I get into a natural rhythm or flow when I teach, and specifically when I teach swimming (as I do other trainings as well). I started teaching about a year after I became a lifeguard, and for the most part haven't stopped since. Some seasons perhaps for a few months, but tons of lessons throughout the year.

Why + Philosophy:

Breaking things down, and distilling topics down to their simplest terms. That didactic action is something I live for, and the feeling of synergy when you see that the student gets the concept.

I think we all can do more than what we currently do now, and exercise is a great way to measure that. Swimming in particular is a tough exercise system, and beyond what a lot of people are used to pushing themselves towards.

How + Physics:

How do I teach? Well, I break it down into the why, how, or what of swimming. Generally after I evaluate (sometimes even during the evaluation) I'll pick up on what particular avenue that student needs.

Over time that need will change, and I'll have to pick up on that. Every person needs all three, but one of those "P's of Swimming" is going to be their main focus when they start.

It could be the literal how to do the movement, and the physics of it all.

It could be the philosophy or why behind we do it in a certain way.

Eventually, it may even be just WHAT is this swimming concept, or stroke.

Every lesson my one intention is to have the student make at least 1% progress. Even if that is all that occurs I am satisfied, but more than likely it will be a huge jump. Especially if the student is really attentive.

What + Psychology:

My thinking is purely in the sake of progress. Some students sometimes have doubts or thoughts like "oh I'm wasting his time" or something like that. I NEVER think like that with my students.

As long as I can impart some sort of lesson, then I am satisfied. I wanted to really drive that home because that is what a good teacher does. The best students empty their mind, and the best teachers carefully fill it.

Since I can only teach so many people throughout my life, that is one of the biggest motivating factors behind why I am writing a book.

That way I can reach an even greater amount of people.


While one decade may be under wraps, this is something I think I'll do for the rest of my life. I'm curious to see if I'll ever get too old to do it! haha I doubt it.

Swimming is an important life skill, and I think anyone would benefit from learning it.


This is advice for people to level up their swimming, or perhaps get started in the first place. While you swim you should make sure you are doing so in a public facility with a lifeguard on duty for safety.

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