A Corona with Lime

TL:DR | What has happened in my life because of the virus. We are stuck at home with "nothing" to do, and the consequences of not making money is going to hit many people hard.

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A Corona with Lime

First of all I am sorry to anyone who has contracted the virus, or knows someone who has.

That overrides any problem anyone else is facing, but I know many others are attempting to survive economically too.

I have been told by my job yesterday that we are closing for a few weeks, and considering most of the employees (including myself) are hourly/entry-level; That we won't get paid for the missed time.

We are stuck at home with "nothing" to do, and the consequences of not making money is going to hit many people hard. I'm really worried about my own financial future, so I am taking steps to try to mitigate the outcome. I.e. yesterday I applied to a dozen remote jobs, and I am training people on the side to support my income.

Maximizing your TIME potential.

You literally have the most free time you'll have in a long time, or have had in a long time, let us all use it to be as productive as possible.

That includes relaxing, if you are severely stressed from work already, then take a couple days and chill. Literally act like you're in a spa, and go out of your way to relax / be lazy.

After that then it is back to the hustle, there is so many things you can do to improve your life.

I've talked about Self-EduDevMent on the other blog A LOT, and it is simply the improvement of your life. I highly encourage you to start your own life development by taking a course. If you don't know where to start, then try this free course I made on getting started with your Self-Education! :)

Start new habits

You never know what could out of this terrible international pandemic. Perhaps you will have the time to learn a new skill, that will completely change your life. You might lose your current job, and then get an even better one from the new skill you learned from the free time you had. I actually am really excited because now we have the time to work on all these hobbies, education, and more!


-Dustin M. PolyInnovator

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