A Collection of All of the Highlighted Tools of the Week!

TL:DR | Here are all of the highlighted tools of the week over the course of this newsletter's existence. While some newsletters were reviews, and thus didn't have a highlighted tool. The rest of them did, and here are the great tools!!

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A Collection of All of the Highlighted Tools of the Week!

Over the course of the last 36 weeks I have been making a post a week for the PolyInContent Digest newsletter.

In most of them I include a highlighted tool of the week, which showcases a tool that has either come in handy for me personally or I just think is really cool (if not both). Since there has a been a decent amount of them, and not every subscriber will see every newsletter post.

I thought it would be a great idea to make a list post sharing them all for you!

If applicable I will be using any affiliate link I may have for the tool, but that doesn't change anything for you.

AI Generation

Coming up with ideas for every little thing from the concept, outline, to even the excerpt/description, can be a real time sink. Using tools to help you shorten that process is amazing! The key is to not over use them.


This tool singlehandedly got me to work on my video game project all of Janurary this year because of how much it fleshed out my ideas. I also asked it to come up with tweets/social posts for multidisciplinary and generalist people.

It did so very well, with little repetition in different terms like polymath.

Runway ML Text to Video 2.0

This is the start of a revolution in video technology, and many of you are probably behind it. Hence why I added this tool, and it might seem the MOST out of place. Yet I think it is one of the most important to experiment with asap.

Repurposing Tools

In reality it is repurposing tools that motivated me to start this newsletter in the first place. I get so excited when I come across a new tool. These are the ones that I thought of sharing as highlighted tools first. Honorable mention to Recast.studio and Chopcast.io.

Opus Clip

While I have been with many many tools when it comes to long form to short form content repurposing. This was the first one that got me to actually sit down and work. In fact I spent most of this week working on clips, which is partly why this post got delayed, and you might think oh if you spent a whole week... then how much time is it saving you??

Well I spent a whole week because I was repurposing upwards of FIFTY PolyCast Interview videos, that are around 1.5 to 2 hours in length EACH.

CrossClip (By Streamlabs)

This is by far my favorite gaming repurposing tool. Sure there is Combo, Clipbot, or Streamladder. However they all are missing something, and I think clipbot is dead in the water. Crossclip also was the only one that could work with my ultrawide footage for some reason.


Pretty much the godfather of many repurposing tools. They are doing a massive update here soon too, and so go check that out!

AI Transcriptions by Riverside.fm

I've used a lot of transcription tools, and I always stopped myself because I thought "OH I need to find the best ai transcribe tool". Wait for the most accurate one, but no what matters is that you get them transcribed. Then you can just go in and quickly modify the few mistakes.

All of them make it, but Riverside seems to make the least, and it is free!

Personal Knowledge Management

I would not be where I am now if I wasn't organizing all of my data, content, plans, and life. These are the tools I have used, and in particular the second two. Capacities is one that I think combines both Notion and Obsidian well. AnyType is trying to do that tool.


Using what it calls object based note taking, each object is like a video, note, or human. That you can organize in unique ways (AnyType is similiar too).


The OG PKM tool, and one that I built out my PolyInnovation Operating System in. While I've sorta moved away from it, due to it being in the cloud, and just lack of interconnectivity that other tools now have. It is the most lego-like you're gonna get.


What I am currently using, and I think for a note taking tool it is fantastic. I wish I had started using it sooner. I can see why people may use it in addition to other tools. However the limitations have cropped up for me, and I need databases. The plugins that say they offer databases really don't, but I have had amazing experiences with other plugins like saving articles or periodic notes.

Tool Aggregate Sites

These sites are made to be a directory of tools. I am only sharing two here, as they are the ones I have highlighted. PolyTools is my own, and I'm honestly not satisfied with how it turned out. However it is still up, and I think you could benefit from looking through the list.


An amazing resource. Personally my favorite out of all of these ai tool sites that have popped up.

It is also the most effective too. It is constantly updated, and it doesn't have the UI/UX issues that sites like futurepedia have.

PolyTools (Work in Progress but has tools other sites don't have!)

I am trying to remake this with Notion instead of Airtable, so that the design is much more effective, and easier to add more links!


These deserve their own categories, and if I had more comparable tools for each category they would have. However this is probably a section a lot of people would just skim over, but I highly encourage you to not do that!!

Vertical OBS Plugin by Aitum

This came out and was a game changer. Not only can you record automatically in a tiktok format, but you can even stream to it.

Meaning instead of having to set up a whole other OBS instance any time you want to switch aspect ratios. This essentially gives you a second canvas that is always there, so let's say you are streaming horizontally, but something great happens in game. Then you can click the create clip in Vertical and it will already be setup at that point. Meaning it automatically creates the tiktok for you!


The best AI summarizer tool. I looked at a handful of them, and the main issue is that most of them tried to be extensions or just basic test runs. This feels like an actual micro-saas tool. I used it for all of my interviews up to a point, as I have done many since then. Highly recommend, especially for the low price.


The top tier recording tool, for both video and audio. and I have been using them for most of my interviews.

They have repeatedly come out with new features, like Magic Clips (allowing you to make clips from your content right then and there).


An alternative to YouTube, which I know is a heavy deal to say. I've seen others like vimeo or D.tube, but none of them really tried that hard to be a replacement. I think Odysee has the potential because they not only tried, but eventually I think they may over take them. Due to the decentralized nature of the platform.


I've tried almost all of the SMM tools, and while I still have issues with any of them. Part of it is just because I'm picky or a stickler for UI. However Publer is constantly trying to improve, and their team is so helpful.

This is THE tool to use if you want to schedule out tiktoks, reels, AND shorts ahead of time. Key point is that they do ALL THREE.

These are all of the tools for now!

I randomly came up with the idea of highlighted tools of the week after seeing something like that in another newsletter. A bit derivative I know, but this has become one of my favorite parts of the series.

As I said in the beginning I know not everyone has seen all of the posts, and while I encourage you to check them out. Each post is unique after all. These tools deserve another spotlight in case you missed them!

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