64 - Why I started this Newsletter of Swimming

TL:DR | Building up to something big! Here is why I started this newsletter SIXTY FOUR weeks ago!

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64 - Why I started this Newsletter of Swimming

Do you want to learn to swim? Don't have the time for a real instructor yet? Too fearful of the water to start yet?

Well that is what this newsletter is for! To prepare you prior to actually learning. For one most of it is mental anyways, I think 80% of swim lessons is actually taking in information, or learning to control your mind when doing it. Meaning only 20% is the actual swimming or physical part. I thought that if I could teach you prior to you getting into the pool, then it would help you do more deliberate practice.

Why + Philosophy:

My ideology for swimming is avoiding or mitigating "panic", this panic could be as simple as "I need to breathe", or full on freaking out. Either way it hinders your ability to progress, and the more you safely push down that thought/notion. Then the more you'll be able to do in the pool.

Here is an important thing to note: Even if you aren't fearful of the water YOU WILL PANIC. It isn't just the people with the psychological hurdle. It is EVERYONE.

Mainly due to the physiological response of our bodies, and so that truth leads me to think in a manner of "how do I get this person to progress?".

I teach them to breathe out under water first, and I may also minimize their distance to learn the physical movements first. This line of thinking isn't always that common in swimming, and so my philosophy is different than the rest.

How + Physics:

As I mentioned before most lessons are mental first. Meaning if you can get that done before getting into the pool, then you can maximize each swim lesson more fully. Even if you are solely reading these posts, or my book, and not even using an instructor yet. Doing by yourself.

You mentally learn prior, then you physically practice, and then you can internalize it afterwards.

A lot of it comes down to repetition just like any other skill, and so if you can practice the three steps or the other mental lessons. It will help you physically.

What + Psychology:

I'll be honest I've been a marketer for a long time, and I realized that making a newsletter would be a great way to build up to my upcoming book. In fact I'd be doing a disservice to you if I didn't. The book I think will help so many people overcome their fears, learn the more advanced movements, and help you realize the intersect of each of the three "P's".

Psychology, philosophy, and physics of swimming

I'm going to start an instagram too with the quotes from the blog and book, to build up to the release as well!


I honestly had hoped I'd get the book out by now, but with complications to this year I hadn't fully finished it yet. It is ever that much closer though at the time of this writing. I think a couple things had to happen first, and the time delay allowed for them to happen.

If you were one of my previous clients, or just someone who joined wanting to learn to swim. Then I really appreciate you being here, and I hope you are looking forward to the book!!

This is advice for people to level up their swimming, or perhaps get started in the first place. While you swim you should make sure you are doing so in a public facility with a lifeguard on duty for safety.

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