The Five Keys to Self-Education

TL:DR | Be curious and grow with your goals. Here are the keys to getting started, understanding what to do, and overall the philosophy of it all.

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The Five Keys to Self-Education

Your Behavior and Self-Awareness

The constant struggle to find one’s own meaning is something every person faces at some point in their life. Though with age many find a place to carve out, but are you really happy in that place? Are you secretly thinking about some fantasy that you wish to live?

Perhaps, or maybe you are happy where you are, but in either case that condition can improve.

If you are happy in your job, and you improve your skills, then you could get a promotion. Or a side hustle even.

IF You are NOT happy, then all the more reason to pursue some new skill or knowledge base. This way you can crawl out of your presumed “hole”, and create a new life.

Why is it SO Important?

Self-Education as a concept is nothing new, we have been learning on our own for the entire existence of humanity. However the process has just simply gotten easier, and more available resources at our disposal.

With the internet you can literally learn anything you wish, practically for free, if not free.

This leads the question why are you stuck?

Are you thinking that there isn’t something out there for you? You’re wrong.

Are you thinking that you aren’t smart enough to do it? Again you’re wrong.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start? Okay no problem, check out literally anything I create, I often have links to resources, or at the very least contact me and I’ll guide you in the right direction. (seriously anytime)

How Can YOU Get Started?

You can get started by first CHOOSING that you need to. Many people get so high and mighty about their education, or even their lack thereof. I have always been quite against the traditional schools, and I had been against getting a degree because of it.

That did not stop me from learning however, and I spent the better half of the last decade learning on my own. Interpersonal relations to business management, and SO much more.

I created a #ModularDegree of my own devise, to pursue the education I wanted to learn. As after looking at over 160 schools, I had yet to find one that had enough curriculum for what I needed to learn.

You can do that too, if only you choose to do so, and all you need to do is collect online resources. From edx to youtube you have no reason to doubt.

Whats the Point?

The point is that you will gain the knowledge and skills to pursue something better. Some people get caught on the idea that you won’t have a degree. Firstly that is an old school mindset, and won’t help you develop a growth mindset. Which the latter is critical for your success.

Secondly if you are truly that concerned about getting a degree, then take courses online that lead into getting a clep test credit, and then you can combine them into a degree. You can even get a nanodegree at Udacity in data science, and WGU will take in as credit (be sure to find out which one it is first! I believe it is this one, but don’t take that to heart!

There are ways you more than likely haven’t even thought about, let alone heard of out there.

Five Keys to Self-Education

1. You have to have a Growth Mindset. You need to understand that you are

never done learning. Your goal as a human being should be constant improvement.

2. Grit. Pure grit to pursue something that is

hard. People who often go to the gym will know what I mean. As the determination it takes to push yourself past your limits is hard skill to tame. Having it is imperative for following through on the first Key.

3. Curiosity, for if you aren’t inclined to learn the subject then you

shouldn’t be trying to. I wanted to learn to code many times over my life, and I still am not super great at it, but I got no where close to learning it until I had a reason to.

4. Goals. I would say

setting systems in place is more important, but in order to do so you need to start somewhere. You do that be initiating goals towards an idea of where you want to see yourself.

5. Create your Modular

Degree. This may seem a bit self-promoting, but its true. The idea of this MD is not that unique. Purely the way I go about it is differently. However the idea remains simple, create your own education, then pursue it.

“Self-Education is the ultimate key to lifelong learning, and prosperity in one’s life.”- Dustin, PolyInnovator

The Concept of Learning

Learning is all about growth, and becoming more than what you are now. If you constantly strive towards that I can guarantee your life will improve. I can’t tell you in what ways, but I know for a fact that growth leads to a better life. I can only hope to help you on that journey!

Learning is getting that concept of whatever knowledge pool you are interested in, ingrained into your life. If you want to learn to play guitar then you gotta understand the fundamentals of the chords, how to string them together, and eventually how to play a song.

Breaking down a subject, then expanding upon it later.

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