10 Ways YOU Can Start Self-Development During the Quarantine

TL:DR | 10 steps to maximizing your time, in or out of quarantine these could be helpful. Originally this was made at the start of the U.S. Lockdown.

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10 Ways YOU Can Start Self-Development During the Quarantine

You're sitting in your room contemplating what life is gonna be like under quarantine. Perhaps you've been in it for a few weeks now, but haven't really gotten much done. There is a lot to be said about cultivating a productivity habit.

However what you want is to do more, and I am here to help you maximize your free time! I'll give you ten ideas that will help you do more with all the time spent at home.

Why is it important to maximize this free time?

For one you have it, you might as well use it to the fullest extent. Perhaps too you're used to working, and now you're out of a job (I'm in the same boat!). What I decided to do was to be as productive as possible, and I do most of the items on this list myself.

I haven't decided on a skill yet, but one thing I was aiming to do is gain a new hard skill within the next month, so I can get a remote/full time job for it when we are back to life.

How can you do it?

Take this idea that sticks to you today on the list below, and transform your life with it. Even if it is small going out, there is a large chance it will snowball your productivity.

I really want you to take the time to really start a habit. Even if it is simply 30 minutes today.

#1: Start a Reading Habit

Prior to the quarantine I made a goal to read a 100 books this year. Now I haven't been great at reading, but I have already finished two books. What matters is that I try. That is what I wanted to convey to you.

It is not about fully reading everything, as long as you read! :)

#2: Start Exercising At Home

Calisthenics is a perfect choice for beginners, and when you're at home most people don't have equipment. So take some bar stools and do some dips, drop down and give me 20 push ups (even if you're on your knees), do some crunches (don't hold your head), and most of all get that heart rate up!

#3: Create Something!

In all seriousness you probably have some sort of skill that you can share with the world. Perhaps this is the start to you finally making that YouTube channel, or becoming your own content creator lifestyle.

Literally creating a personal brand was perfect for me, and I didn't even know it yet. I realized that in order to create all the things I wanted to in life, that I would need some sort of umbrella to put it all under.

For you it may be even simpler. You have one skill that you absolutely love, and it acts like your potential Ikigai. Go create!

#4: Learn a New Skill

OUT OF ALL OF THESE, this is probably the most important. Mainly because if you're life me then we are out of work. Great, now get over it and find something new. I honestly wonder how many companies are going to fail because they let go all of their staff.

Use this time wisely and learn a new hard skill. Maybe become a junior web developer, learn some data science (I think that is the path I am gonna go down), or learn how to use Etsy for your crafts.

Regardless of what it is, just learn a skill, and use this time to cultivate it. Maybe in the end of the quarantine you can apply for a new job, that pays even better!

#5: Make a New Eating Habit

Look no list of habits or things to do, should exist without saying something about eating. You are literally a machine, and nutrition is the key to operating it effectively.

If you don't know how to optimize your intake of food and drink, then you are going to bog yourself down with bad stuff. Your energy levels alone will tank if you eat poorly. If you focus on being healthy, even just healthier, then you will feel dramatically better.

#6: Optimize YOUR Life

We all have things in our life that weigh us down. Just like in the last bullet about eating, there is gonna be some way you can optimize your habits for improvement. One thing I always say is strive for the 1% growth everyday.

Clean your living space, set a regular sleep schedule, make new systems at home, move things around, and make things easier to do the right thing.

#7: Focus on Daily Habits

When this whole pandemic started I was annoyed with myself with how I fell behind on my habits. Now I am a very productive individual, but everyone can always do more. Not to mention the prospect of daily content that I was wanting to do.

What I focused on instead was simplifying the process. I created a "Fireside" PolyCast and PolyBlog, to basically focus on creating. I didn't worry about format, whether or not people read/listened to them, and I didn't care if I failed.

This is what originally lead into the thought process behind the now Fireside Codex on this site!

It was purely about keeping the habit of creating that stuff strong, and you can take that same idea to your own life.

My roommate even started it too, with creating daily music!


#8: Start a TikTok

I was honestly persuaded by Gary Vee to make a musical.ly back in the day. Partially because I wanted PolyInnovator to grow, but also it was an interesting app. A bit later it merged with TikTok, and now has become a sensation.

I am literally about 900 videos later on the platform, and I have fun just watching stuff. Let alone creating videos, and although I need to do more. There is a lot to be gained from simply being there. Go download it! ;)

Google Play


#9: Finish that Old Project

Go get that box of paint out of the closet, the old car in the garage, or even the book you swore to read ten years ago.

Find that one thing you always put off, then just literally go and do it.

Nothing more to say.

#10: Do it All...

Now come on you can't seriously think that a polymath wouldn't suggest doing it at all would you? All of these may seem daunting in their own right, but in reality they are simple steps. Many overlap, and many actually fit right into the Four Pillars Philosophy.

Meanwhile when you make all these habits one by one, then you start to snowball your own productivity. Let alone happiness!

What brings it all together!

All in all I hope that this post powers you up to go do something. I see a lot of potential here for Self-Education, and Self-EduDevMent as a whole. There is a lot you can learn, and even more that you can create.

Do not let this unique time go to waste!

If you liked this then I encourage you to take a look at the Self-EduDevMent category on this blog. You'll end up finding a lot more that you like!

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