10 Ways to Start Self-Development

TL:DR | This is a post meant to guide you through the initial process of starting to develop your life. It is in our nature to learn and grow as a species. If we do not foster that growth, then we are literally going against our nature.

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10 Ways to Start Self-Development

How to Start Self-Development in Your Life

Starting out is really not that hard at all, what the challenge is keeping it up. Forming those newfound habits into something more concrete, once they are there it is not too hard to keep it going. Think of a snowball it rolls down the hill slow and steadily, if at all. Eventually it starts to gain more and more mass, and starts to gain more momentum. Eventually is barreling down the hill at high speeds. Self-Development is exactly like that analogy. Keep your own snowball moving, and it will grow stronger!

We started a new podcast series that will take place once a week on the weekend, focusing on two parts of the U.L.C: World Unity Through Self-Development. Every week it will switch off between them, and we will talk about how they interconnect as well. Some podcasts may even be combined between them, for the added measure of explanation.

Here are 10 Ways to Start Development on Your Life!

1. Start by realizing what it means to develop your life. It does take work, but you cannot let the idea behind that prevent you from even starting. It is a truly amazing process, and one that is necessary for a happy life. We are creatures of habit, all you have to do is tap into that habit forming process. What you choose to do is up to you.

2. This world is huge, with many places to explore, and many things to experience! Go out and try new things, and expand your mental prowess by doing so. Our brains change and evolve by learning new things, quite simple right? Well many people stick to their routine and it fundamentally halts their growth. We may be creatures of habit, but we also must learn to change our ways in order to progress through life. For example it is that curiosity that brought you here!

3. Learn as much as you humanly can in one day! The saying goes that all these famous people: Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, all have the same amount of time in the day as you do. They just choose to spend theirs differently. One major coherent connection between them all is that they are Self-Learners, or as it’s called “Autodidacts”. They spend their time learning, reading, consuming knowledge, and not because they have to. Solely because they want to improve themselves.


4. Start also by helping others, and spreading compassion. It will do wonders for your Spirit Pillar, not to mention state of mind. Being able to express happy emotions with others is a foundation aspect of human life. We are people, all of us, everywhere. We want to be happy, we want sustainability, and longevity. Use moments everyday to #MAKEACHANGE not only in your life, but in other people’s lives as well through compassion.

5. Take online courses! There are SO many sites out there that help give you a high level of education (most of them for free), all on a convenient platform! Here just a FEW to choose from:




We will actually have our own Self-Development Course here soon! Stay tuned and subscribe to make sure you hear about it first!

6. Watch educational videos online, such as on YouTube. Perhaps even find a way to emulate what you learn in some way in your life! Change the course of your life by shifting your mindset. Watch Fearless Motivation, TEDx, Crash Course, and much more!

7. Start, or keep, working out your body. Physical exercise is crucial for your body’s longevity, and many people falter on this because they think they can “do it later”, or work out harder one day than spreading it out. This is simply not the case, and can leave you weak and feeble in old age. I personally have seen amazingly strong elderly people of many different ages, and it was all because they kept moving and doing things all throughout their life. One thing I personally like to tell people is a rumor about Leonardo Da Vinci, and how it was able to bend iron bars with his bare hands! Also that he kept in impeccable shape his entire life!

8. TRAIN YOUR MIND. Your brain is a muscle too, and needs constant stimulation to keep growing. This is why we suggested reading earlier, and we also suggest playing puzzle games to challenge your brain. Really any kind of content can stimulate your brain, some more than others. Such as a video game will stimulate your mind much more than a movie. A book actually has similar levels of stimulation as video games, interestingly enough.

9. Create your world around to be more conducive to productivity. Make your work space clear and organized, separate from your “fun” space. Alleviate any worries about food, by making it ahead of time. Use apps or websites to boost your productivity such as the Momentum new tab extension for Google Chrome, or Google calendar, etc. Listen to podcasts, or webinars instead of music on your way to work. Change up the way you do things is a simple way of putting this!

10. Lastly why don’t you check out a PolyCast on Self-Education:

Self Education Crash Course [OmniContent #1] - The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller
Understanding the basics of Self-EduDevMent, and how that impacts your self-education as a whole. Basics of autodidactism, and the modular degree. ►**🥊**Check out the blog post!! https://polyinnovator.space/education... ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►💥GO POLY PRO!: Support me on Patreon so I can make even …

Start by deciding to develop yourself NOW!

I challenge you today to find a way to #MAKEACHANGE in your daily life! Choose one or two of these steps ^^^ in order to truly starting making a difference on how you live. Challenge the conventional norm because most people don’t care about improving themselves, don’t listen to them if they don’t like the way you are changing. You did not become the person you are today to stay the way you are, you became this person as a stepping stone for who you are going to be! Each day a new mini chapter unfolds in your life, what will it entail? When your story ends will it be a good one? #legacy

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