As someone who has always liked to talk, I find it no surprise that speaking is something I aim to do more of in the future. At the moment I am the sole speaker on the PolyInnovator team, but I hope that in the future this page will fill up!

Taking a more didactic tone where I teach others, then it is easy to assume that creating courses is one of my endeavors. However when more people join this Self-Education endeavor I am sure more instructors will create their own work as well!

My name is Dustin Miller I am an aspiring Keynote speaker. Talking on stage is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I imbue the hype and excitement into crowrds naturally. #gregarious

dustin Miller
Activity and Recreation Center

Years of Experience

I spent the better half of a decade teaching exercise classes, and it is this very skill that lead me to have confidence of being in front of people. That and years of karaoke of course!


The thing that started this all, the Modular Degree, is a perfect talking point on Self-Education or alternative education. The possibilities are endless as well because of the very nature of it.

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Go ahead and set up a collaboration request, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

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