Creating Awesome Omnichannel Marketing Content as a Solopreneur

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When you are on your own creating content, there is a lot of learning you must do. On top of that you often have to compete with teams of people. When you're all by yourself in marketing here is what you can do!

Here is a page from my own Omni-Content book!

You want to be everywhere at once, but don’t know how to do it?

I can help you achieve that goal of omnichannel marketing, with the knowledge I’ve gained over the past better half of a decade. I started blogging in 2011 (and social media), and creating other forms of content in 2016/2017. The idea is to create valuable content for people, on a variety of platforms, without degrading in quality.

There are many ways how to do this, but first and foremost you must create solid content that is valuable to the reader/listener.

I am here today to show you how I have been tackling this problem as an omnichannel content creator, AND solopreneur.

You may even wonder why you would care about doing that in the first place, but if you are ever to cut through the crowd and get your voice heard. Then you need to go omnichannel with your content distribution, and marketing.

I will teach you the basics, some advanced ideas, and some strategies.

In order to achieve that omnichannel presence, then you need to seemingly be everywhere at once. You may not have to be at all times, but just appear to be alive on various platforms. That includes rather regular posting, and more importantly replying to each user on each platform.

I really want to go into what my strategy is because I think that it is one of a kind, and not even Gary Vee’s content model competes with it.

Why should we be everywhere?

People want to be able to reach you on the platform they feel most comfortable.

That is why on my Support page, and Footer I have my social media links to make it easy for people.


If you notice there is a LOT more than what most companies will have. Granted some studies have proven that having too many options will deter people from clicking. I personally find that if I want a link to a company’s social I want that link as easy to find as possible. I’m not clicking them for no reason.

In fact I remember specifically going to a website for a social link so I could reach out via Twitter I believe it was. Although throughout the whole site I could only find a link in the bottom of their contact page, after drudging through poorly worded copy that didn’t help. It was a company that was worth talking to, but didn’t account for me trying to find them in various ways. Google sometimes doesn’t even give you a link to socials if the SEO is not optimized well enough, which is why I think this story happened. I couldn’t even look them up.

I want you to have the best marketing strategy out there, so that you can dominate your competitors. My whole first phase of content is about Self-Education, and the premise is to help those who are trying to better themselves. If you are here, then you are trying to do that. That is why I made this post today.

Here is how you do it: You create once here, then you repurpose it there.

Honestly it is as simple as that, but hardly anyone is doing it. That is why people like Gary Vaynerchuk are shouting it from the rooftops.

My Omni-Content Strategy

I wanted to find the ultimate way to be on each channel consistently and with quality.

Here is what most people work off of:

Omnichannel Marketing


How does it work?

He takes one big pillar video piece and breaks that down into chunks. Some people call it Content Splintering, or micro-content. The latter being more common.

If you have an hour long keynote, then there is probably 3-5 key points that you would want to share. You can take clips out of those points, and then put them on LinkedIn or Facebook etc.

On top of that you can create image quotes, or even audio visualizers, and many more to really get that diverse content.

Since you are starting from a quality piece of content inherently the micro-content is quality as well. At least if you repurpose it well.

What is the Solution?

To take one piece and break it down into smaller chunks. HOWEVER I find that distribution counts as creating more content as well.

For example in my opinion taking a video you uploaded to YouTube, and then putting it on Facebook or IS repurposing. Despite the fact that you don’t have to edit it for the platform (maybe editing it would increase engagement though).

So for example each one of my OmniBlog posts I have on also go onto the blockchain platform Steemit

Some people do the same thing for, but I find their business practices and algorithm highly crude. Too much in the mindset of making money, not quality content. I’d rather set out a piece for free, and get clients who love me for it, than charge people to see it.

How can you adopt these models?

Below I’ll have my list of what I do for each Omni-Content Sprint, as I like to call them, and that will help you organize it into a database.

What I would suggest is trying out to make content separately on these platforms first, and get good at doing it. Then try to do a sprint.

By the end you should have over 107 pieces of content per sprint. That includes just re-posting to and repurposing, but still is very much effective.

Here is my To-Do List

One of the main links you’ll see in that todo list is for an app called Repurpose. I find it to be super helpful at automating the tasks that I can’t or don’t want to do. Not to mention efficiently.

Check it out!:

web polyinnovator content omnichannel marketing everyday image
My Omnichannel marketing strategy basically covers all bases, and so this little playful call to action is more of a trick because each platform will have something! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is my Strategy?

Create a blog post, then video, then podcast.

It is that simple, and each piece is crucial to the strategy. Now most people start with a video, then they transcribe it. However I find that even the greatest content creators who do that, often end up with crappy results. No one wants to read an SRT file pretending to be a blog post. Look at this post for example: Sections, headings, different font sizes to emphasize points, etc. More engaging just by formatting.

Don’t be one of those guys, but if you want to do all three easily here is a tool I found that may help:

Personally I find that making a blog post is easier for me than creating a video. I can write out a post without any prior planning, and still come out with a polished product. I mean look at today’s post! However I can’t get in front of the camera without an action plan.

Whats the point?

“Everything is over-saturated, there is too many people” Bullshit. I started podcasting a few years ago, when “it was already too late”, and it made none of a difference. I started blogging in 2011, which is like 6 years after it was a big deal. If only I kept consistency a priority I’d be even more well known!

All you need is your phone or a computer. The nicer the better, but not required. After that is software, but here is the catch you can just get lifetime deals like on AppSumo, and then everything is affordable.

Start with free softwares until you can get better ones.

You will cringe at the first things you create, that is okay, and if you have been doing this for a while I encourage you to go back to your first piece/video. Cringe a little!

The plan is to write out a blog post, create a slideshow based off of it for slideshare (don’t just copy and paste, maybe one quote that’s it), then you can record yourself (with like Loom or Bandicam) over the slides to make a video, then you can take out the audio and put it into a podcast.

All in all that is 3.5 pillar pieces of content, and each one of those can be broken up into social media campaigns.

You take each platform #Facebook, #Twitter, #interest, #Instagram, and #Linkedin. Then post the day of, a day later at the opposite time of day, week later, month later, and then a year later. You have 5 posts scattered across theโ€ฆ Click To Tweet

For the video/podcast that can be automated with
You somewhat automate the blog with missinglettr or coschedule. Although I’ve had mixed results.

That is actually a pain point for me because I tried out and researched over 90 social media management tools. AND NONE OF THEM, are good for omnichannel marketing. Honestly have been thinking about making my own for omnichannel purposes.

If you are having a hard time with social media, I challenge you to go try a new SMM tool out there!

Related Link: Here is a list of most/all SMM tools out there

Tools, Strategies, and Ideas

None of these matter unless you take action. You need to apply them in order for them to work. I’ve tested this strategy out, and it works for me. However even I can adapt and change it to suit my needs, so must you as well.

For example I used have it on my strategy to post onto blockchain platforms like Sociall or Gab. Alas I found them not to be worthwhile in the meantime.

Find what works for you, and then execute execute execute.

Before I continue on I wanted to share an idea that I am entertaining lately. Repurposing your content into other languages. The only tool I found for that is Vidscribe, but I haven’t tried it. Think about it though if you make an awesome video in English, but you want to tap into other markets around the world. Then using a tool like that to translate your video, with a voice over AND subtitles (the tool does both) can be amazing. I am really curious to see how this goes, and I know Gary Vee and Neil Patel are already doing it.

If you want to help me with that, or for me to share a link I found for the tool, or just wanted to talk to me about it then email me

Today I gave you my secret strategy to Omnichannel Marketing. I never have made any content about it before. Just mentioned it here and there, but I wanted to share my ideas with the world > well with you in particular.

If you’re reading this blog it means you probably came here from or are one of the few people going out and learning about Omnichannel marketing. Either way you’re ahead of the curve, and it is people like you who I wanted to help.

Being everywhere at once is as easy as making a to do list.

Your CTA today is to go out and test this strategy. If you want a more in depth explanation let me know. Honestly I really want to optimize it even more, and find the perfect tools to make it happen. Meaning if you find way/tools that make it easier to do, especially by yourself then please let me know.

If you like this too please leave a comment, and let me know what you think!

P.S. There is one affiliate link in this post, and that is to I only put it in there because of how much I truly think the platform is worth it. My approach to affiliates is that it HAS to be something I use, and have used. It automates an INSANE amount of processes for you, and if you are a solopreneur like me then you NEED the help. Other than that I didn’t want to be too salesy or anything like that on this post. Just pure helpful content.

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Dustin M.

Dustin M.

Hello, my name is Dustin. This website was created in order to centralize the content I create, as well as give people a means to contact me directly. I have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and changemaker. The world has a multitude of areas that it needs leaders with a polymathic mentality, and I hope to fill one of those spots. In addition to that I hope that I can inspire others to do the same, and maybe give them a pathway to accomplish it. In my lifetime "I will be a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. Driven to Innovate technology and ideology".

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