Self Education Vs College

Self Education Vs College

TL;DR - Excerpt:

Why self-edu may be for you instead of going through a traditional way of schooling. Perhaps you're not an academic based learner, maybe your learning style doesn't vibe well with school, or perhaps you simply want an alternative.

What is the Point of College if you can just teach yourself?

What if you could create your own college learning experience, and dramatically reduce the cost and time needed?

Self-curated modular education could be the avenue of progress you are hoping for in life to accomplish your goals. You can go about that endeavor through a Modular Degree, and if need focus on test out credits for college completion. That is if a paper degree is worth it to you in the long run. All of that can start here in PolyInnovator Academy, here are the details…

Here on the PolyBlog we go into detail on how to go about the process of innovative Self-Education. If any point is to come across to you today, let it be this: College is not the end all be all. You have many more choices beyond it.

Hello and welcome to the PolyInnovator Omni-Content, my name is Dustin; my ambition is to inform and educate a community of #innovators. If you are reading on the PolyBlog, or are watching on TeleInnovator, or listening in on the PolyCast, then you have come to the right place for success!

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By the end of this post you will have a clearer understanding of what your options are, and what you can do for your goals.

I want to explore what options are available to you, and how you can exploit your progress to accelerate even further.

Is pursuing your own full self-education, or just partial the way to go for you?

Find that out.

The Action You Take

What is YOUR reason for waking up in the morning?

When you get up in the morning what is the first thing you think of? Is it your family, your job, your car, your hobbies, or perhaps you have that passion for something. That grand ambition you want to work towards, and previously you thought that school was the only way to get there.

Just today I realized that in order to get things done, particularly this Omni-Content as it were, that I would have to get up early. I actually woke up naturally at 5:30AM despite going to sleep at midnight. I got up, cooked breakfast, drank some coffee, and played a game to stimulate my mind. All in effort to be ready for this endeavor.

For me it was a matter of getting up, for you it may be more, and really why shouldn’t it be? Shouldn’t anything in life take the deep knowledge learning experiences to be of value to you? Meaning that you have to work for it, in order to get there?

I’m here to tell you that you should be learning to accomplish your goals. This particular post is meant to get you thinking about if college is the right play or not.

Listen I understand that society has cultivated this mindset that if you don’t go to college then you’re a failure. That is simply not true, and your effort will prove that.

You have that goal in mind you want to achieve, and even if you think college IS the way to get there; Take a second to read/listen to the rest of this post because I am sure you could accelerate that progress with self-learning.

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To School One’s Self

What are your options?

People in the past have done Bachelor’s Degrees in a fraction of the time, using what’s known as CLEP, or College Level Examination Program. That exam allows you to test out of certain credits and classes.

A good example is:

Whenever you spend time learning just one class, there is a lot of potential overlap, or even wasted time that could be spent elsewhere. Perhaps during one of your easy classes that you already have an A+ in, then you can spend the time on something different. Not only stimulating your mind more, but also taking advantage of previously wasted time (becasue the time spent on the already passing class was not being used to the fullest).

Conversely, if you are like me and don’t have a degree yet, then you can spend your time outside of work. Even if you have a family, there is some point in the day where you are alone.

Find that extra time, make it if you have to, stop watching Netflix, and get to studying!

How can you fit in time to learn on your own?

Listen to a podcast based around your line of study, or intended education, while on your way to work. Search the internet for resources around your intended learning experience, while in study hall. Spend whatever free, or close to free, time that you have on finding new ways to explore new avenues for success.

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“Self-Education and the Modular Degree, are not just alternatives to college, but also can coincide with traditional schooling as well. In fact it could make your higher education experience much better! Take your learning to a new level!!”

-Dustin Miller | PolyInnovator

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What’s Your Goal?

If you have a degree planned out, then how could you accelerate it? How could you make it easier by self-learning?

Take this moment and think about what it is that you could be doing to make this process quicker and easier. Even if you can’t make it easier due to the sheer knowledge base (like say for a hard science); Can you spend time learning some basic stuff like coding or the vocabulary, which would in turn give you a boost in the long run?

Okay you found the task that will get you one step closer. Ask yourself these questions:

How much time will you be able to spend?

How long do you think it will take to gain this minor skill?

What resources or websites do you have, that will help you accomplish this?

Can you maximize your time by not eating? Nah not really, but nice try!

Finally, can you easily define what your goal is, and what you are learning?

Think about how you can accelerate your Traditional OR Modular Degree.

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What actions are you going to take to teach yourself this goal?

Keep your attention focused on the end goal.

What things should you be doing to create your college learning experience? Pursue a Modular Degree? Find some supporting skill for your degree? Decide.

If you liked this today, then I strongly encourage you to check out my other content, especially since this will be remade into a video, polycast, and slideshow!
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Dustin M.

Dustin M.

Hello, my name is Dustin. This website was created in order to centralize the content I create, as well as give people a means to contact me directly. I have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and changemaker. The world has a multitude of areas that it needs leaders with a polymathic mentality, and I hope to fill one of those spots. In addition to that I hope that I can inspire others to do the same, and maybe give them a pathway to accomplish it. In my lifetime "I will be a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. Driven to Innovate technology and ideology".

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