PolyInnovation System

PolyInnovation System

The Personal PolyInnovation System

The PolyInnovation System, or PS, is a modus operandi for your life. I know that sounds rather fluffy or too macro view, but it is true as the details will come below!

One of my key principles in life is the fine line of balance, and always striving to find it. That also comes to your own personal growth, and after a literal decade of self-reflection and self-development; I truly think that I have created a unique system that others miss the full target.

What I mean by that is the FULL target, we are just focused on one area of our life, the pursuit of happiness? garbage unless you know what you want to do, physical development? useless if your mind isnโ€™t development, and more. Many systems or influencers out there make you think that it is one simple fix, but it is not and I wanted to find a way to get past that.




Learn more about the PPS

This is a short form Fireside Micro-Polycast on the system, so that you can listen to the ideas I am trying to convey. If you would rather read then feel free to scroll down!t

The Rise of the Personal PolyInnovation System [Fireside Micro-PolyCast] - The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller
The first phase of #PolyInnovator concept is evolving (not changing) from Self-Education, to Self-EduDevMent; A concept I coined for the personal growth trifecta. This is because a lot of what I talk about are bits and pieces of each of those in the Trifecta. So we might as well dig into it! Self-โ€ฆ

Why Should Keep Reading?

What is the point for you to even be here? Why should you even care about this long drawn out name of a system? Well for one it is probably what brought you here. Most of my content I sneak in the philosophies, mindset, and various growth patterns. All of those come from this Personal PolyInnovation System. Something I came up with over time, which has been over the past decade. I started talking about the Four Pillars Philosophy back in 2011, and the do it yourself Modular Degree was the catalyst that started PolyInnovator. Not to mention all the habits and systems I had to form in order to build the brand, and work 2-3 jobs to pay bills so I could keep working on this sort of stuff.

I say all this because this is my WHY, this is the stuff that keeps me going. I built this system to help you not only find your Ikigai, but to push towards it. Be systematic in your journey of life, and take a modern approach to how we take in philosophy. There is a balance between ideology and technology, and we as a species are literally on the verge of finding it. I donโ€™t even mean this in a metaphysical way, but literally with the rise of technology everything has been changing.

How Does All of This Work?

It works because Iโ€™ve done it, and Iโ€™ve been learning from the best self-growth experts from around the world. Iโ€™ve read their books, taken their courses, watched countless YouTube videos, and built my own degree to learn even more. Now of course it is still forming, and taking shape, so please be patient. I mean it took me a week to simply find the right words for this page alone. Mainly because I wanted to explain it in a way that would make you want to learn more.

You start by pursuing your own Self-Education, and you choose something to learn. IMO it would be one of my courses on the PPS, or something like it, so that you can start your self-growth cycle. Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn. It is all a cyclic pattern, and being able to anticipate when the next part of the cycle is coming, is what I hope you get out of the PPS in a macro sense. Micro-wise there is systems Iโ€™ve built that you can copy, such as the Modular Degree. When I say that I donโ€™t mean you need to do what I did, and build a 400 course degree. Even now my Mod Degree is around 120 courses, that I am still currently pursuing.

A Modular Degree is meant to be malleable to what YOU need, and in this case you need to start. So it is much more wise to start small, and build your way up. However self-awareness is key, if you feel that something bigger will be more motivating such as for a career, then be my guest.

Once you learn more on what you need to know, then you need to implement and execute on that knowledge into habits you can do as routines or rituals. Some sort of daily action, that will cement the knowledge better, and give you practice. #mastery After that your systems will form, and over time youโ€™ll see more on how they impact your life.

After those two steps comes the harder part, Self-Development with the Four Pillars Philosophy, and I say this is harder because takes more learning and habits. In order to understand what you originally were learning has done to your life. Then you need to understand first the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional sides of your life. Perhaps learning on meditation and exercise to give you more self-awareness. This is assuming you donโ€™t already do this, but even if you do I encourage you to reevaluate anyways.

What is Personal PolyInnovation?

Poly is a word youโ€™ll see a lot around here, in which case would more than likely be because of the world polymath. The term for someone who is highly skilled in many different areas. Perhaps you may even see in the personal brand name, PolyInnovator, which makes a whole lot more sense with โ€œPolyInnovationโ€. The PPS is the idea of approaching change in your life in a systematic way, with intricate understanding of each area of life.

Of course you canโ€™t start out doing the full system, and in reality youโ€™re not supposed to. It is better to take baby steps, and add in more and more naturally into your life.

With Self-Education it lays the foundation, for example simply learning about the PPS is part of that. This is why I made the Self-Education Mini Course for free, so that people can get a taste of that new approach. The Modular Degree would be the next step towards your own autodidactic journey.

Then you have your Self-Improvement with the consistent aspects of your life. What are the habits you form, the rituals you follow on a daily basis, and what sort of systems form from that?

Finally there is the Self-Development, which encompasses your holistic life. From your mental state, physical machine, spiritual alignment, and emotional intelligence. They all come together in the Four Pillars Philosophy.

When you are able to balance out all three, that is when you have worked in the PS.


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