The Personal PolyInnovation System

The Personal PolyInnovation System, or PPS, is a modus operandi for your life. I know that sounds rather fluffy or too macro view, but it is true as the details will come below!

One of my key principles in life is the fine line of balance, and always striving to find it. That also comes to your own personal growth, and after a literal decade of self-reflection and self-development; I truly think that I have created a unique system that others miss the full target.

What I mean by that is the FULL target, we are just focused on one area of our life, the pursuit of happiness? garbage unless you know what you want to do, physical development? useless if your mind isn’t development, and more. Many systems or influencers out there make you think that it is one simple fix, but it is not and I wanted to find a way to get past that.

Most other people focus on just ONE of these three:





They never talk about more than one, or in some really rare cases two. Let alone all three, and now you may be thinking “Well Dustin don’t all of those mean the same thing?”. No not really actually, but you are wise to ask that question.


The word you see above in the title, is what I created prior to the PPS, as I need some way to describe the complex trifecta of each of those self-growth areas of life.