August 2020

What am I doing...

Once I started doing the interviews it gave me an accountability urge to make sure I didn’t let down my guests. That helped me to be consistent each week, and decided to weekly upload the interviews on the Polymath PolyCast, on Tuesday.

This last week of July I failed to upload, as I had severe internet issues, with literally NO upload speed at all.

I am aiming to get started up next week for the upload schedule to be back on track!

Here is an updated schedule for my weekly content releases!

PolyInnovator Schedule

In a bigger view #MACRO

What's Coming up?

In a bigger sense I have a huge plan for PolyInnovator, I haven’t been making it up as I go along. It is hard to explain what I envision, but in essence I want to make consistency a priority. Allowing for steady growth of my channels, and building up the #Innovators tribe. Which includes polymathic people as well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whenever that gets big enough and I have done enough “Jabs”, then I can throw a right hook as Gary Vee says, which would be my books or courses. Here is a little sneak peek my next project:

The Personal PolyInnovation System.
That is the culmination of the first phase of content, particularly OmniContent, where we have been talking about Self-EduDevment, or in particular Self-Education through the Modular Education Framework.
This is a revolutionary approach to how we go after online education, and I am excited to keep seeing it evolve the more I talk about it. Especially when I learn ideas from others, such as the importance of community based learning. Something I hadn’t put much thought into before.
This system will encompass the three areas of self growth:
Self-Education through the Modular Degree
Self-Improvement through Habits and Systems
Self-Development through the Four Pillars Philosophy
I intend on doing presentations on the system on stage as well, which will be my foray into speaking gigs!

Not to mention a course (s?) and book on the matter as well.
Hopefully soon I will be making more detailed pages on all the above that I mentioned. Revamping the site menu to align with the new-ish path laid out ahead!
Below is a Messenger link, please feel free to reach out to me on social to connect and talk about self-growth!