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I am polymath at heart, and a jack of all trades in practice. Some people think this can become a “lack of focus”, but in my experience it allows me to innovate ideas in brand new ways. Try me out today for your special project!

I’ve been creating content for almost a decade now. Starting out from blogging, and then expanding into other formats such as video & audio.

Idea creation is something I am naturally gifted at, and whether it be for something as simple as a blog post or complicated as a business strategy. I am the man for you!

In my time building PolyInnovator I have cultivated skills in many different areas. These skills are applied especially to their respective software. I.e. project management, task management, social media management, and more. I’ve used nearly them all…literally.

If you would like me to teach your course, and be the “talking head” so to speak. Perhaps you’re shy on the camera, or just need someone who can convey the knowledge with conviction.

Perhaps you simply want me to work on your written content. Perhaps you want to use my strategy of turning one blog post into: video, podcast, microcontent, and much more.

If none of the above is fitting your needs maybe there is a different option. Perhaps you want some advice on a tool, but also want a blog post by me, etc. Let us talk about it.


the mindset of the future-

The Mindset of the Future

Finding Your Path Taking the steps towards the right direction will give you the opportunity to grow in the manner that is conducive to the world’s

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