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The concept I want to employ during this doc, is from a video game of all places that really encompasses the Universalist ideology.

From Kingdoms of Amalur:
โ€œThe Universalist is an expert of all forms of combat, with a mastery over all manner of weapon. You are a rare legend of prowess in finesse, might and sorcery. Few are your equal in one of these specialties, and there are none who can compare in all of them.โ€

โ€” In-game description https://amalur.fandom.com/wiki/Destinies

In the game there are three main paths: Might for warrior types, Finesse for thievery or rogues, or finally Sorcery for mages. This trifecta is then merged into dual mixtures between all three. However it comes to the last stage, A jack of all trades tier, that is the point of this documentation.

Akin to a Polymath, for being multi-talented and mastery of many areas. However unlike a Polymath, which is a master of many areas, the Universalist is a master of all areas.

Perhaps it could be in the context of the game, for an example, as there is a limit to what areas you can master. One could become a universalist of a certain career quadrant, or if one was immortal and had the time; Could become a real Universalist of all things humanity has to offer.

The Key Point

The reason why this is on the website at all is to inform you of the concept, and to differentiate from Universalism concept. Of which means that some ideas have universal applicability. If two concepts of Universalist as explained here, and the Universalism found on wikipedia match. Then let me know, and we can discuss editing this document to suit that ideology.

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