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Self-Education (Autodidactism)

self education polyinnovator definition

To teach oneself is the prospect of autodidactism. Being a self-teacher, so to speak, and Self-Education is simply the formality of that lifelong endeavor.

In the context of PolyInnovator, and its omni-content, the definition of Self-Education is this: The process of teaching yourself a new skill or set of skills, via your own self-curated education. Through a self-curated, or do it yourself, degree.

The reason why this documentation exists is actually for the autodidactic followers of PolyInnovator. Sure anyone can and should use the documentation as needed. However I felt that there would be a certain few, that would be more eager to learn more in depth.

Usually it is the type of person that loves learning, and deep down we all do. It is just the constraints of how people learn growing up, that degrades their desire.

autodidact polyinnovator definition

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