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Modular Education

modular education polyinnovator definition

Modular education is the format of learning in a piece by piece fashion. Each skill or knowledge branch, is on a skill tree based pattern. Allowing for interleaving between branches, and the fundamental understanding of the overview of the skill.

Free form learning as I like to call it. Your choice on what you learn next, and it helps you retain the knowledge better as well.

Starting out your education the traditional way of doing things is to overload your information highways of your learning. This take all in approach is akin to a fire hose going into a tiny window.

With modular education you can break up that large hose into smaller streams, and more fluid of entry (easier to learn). The possibilities too are endless, since each person is fundamentally different; The individual learner; will be learning their own curriculum. Particularly at their own pace, which is most suitable for their engagement. YOUR engagement.

At this point in time the process is mostly manual with tools and frameworks like the Modular Degree.

However in the near future the development of Artificial intelligence in educational setting will progress further. Allowing for a more automated approach.

Disclaimer: This post is a stub, as more Omni-Content gets created, then this doc will get expanded.

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