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Modular Degree

modular degree polyinnovator definition

The titular mod degree is a PolyInnovator concept framework, that helps people organize their own self-education. Throughout history people have learned on their own, and schooling is still just another form of education. The point of university or school was to essentially streamline the acquisition of knowledge by new people.

However despite the success of it in past, we can clearly see that it is not fully adequate, especially in a modern technological world. The changes in how information is distributed, let alone accessed, is dramatically changed for the better. Online courses continuing to grow, books becoming ever more accessible, and more people creating educational content in their knowledge areas.

It is prevalent that most educational institutions cannot keep up with the rapidly changing knowledge of our species. Given that it takes a couple years alone for a degree program to even be allowed to be accredited and taught. In some fields like STEM, the information gained in that degree often become obsolete by the time it is taught in schools.

The Mod Degree’s Purpose

This is where the modular degree comes into the picture. Formulated from the concept of Modular Education, where the learning experience is catered to each individual.

The systematic framework proposed here, and can be learned in the courses in PolyInnovator Academy, is meant to guide you into a specific path. One that you set forth on your own, but with the help of your peers for support, and PolyInnovator for advice. The process of learning is still solely on you, but now you can have a system for maximizing your learning.

“I don’t see the Modular Degree being the end all be all of Modular Education. In fact I created it to be the catalyst of a modular education revolution, and wanted to pioneer the field. To pave the way forth for things to be more automated in the future with the advent of artificial intelligence in education.”

-Dustin Miller, PolyInnovator
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