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PolyInnovator Videos TeleInnovator

Or otherwise called TeleInnovator! Creating these videos actually took me a long time to get used to. Unsurprisingly however I grew to love it, as it gave me an opportunity to share more knowledge. Thus giving me another medium to create more content with.

We will start this document on the reasons why I create videos, and what type of videos I create/where.

Then we will discuss platforms, as with the rise of video on the internet there are a lot of places to post.

Lastly I’ll introduce the idea of streaming for the brand.

Video Platforms



Instagram TV (IGTV)

Facebook Watch

Streaming Platforms

Taking a cue from PolyInnovator Gaming, I will be starting to stream videos, that could be for any number of subjects.

YouTube Live


Facebook Live




Considering my Xbox gamer tag is geared more towards my personal life, there may not be much in the way of streams here.

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