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PolyInnovator Academy

The name of the online school for Self-EduDevMent, and all that entails.

The academy is based around being able to maximize your own Self-Education. Even if the course is geared towards some other subject, there is that underlying understanding that for you to maximize your retention of the knowledge; That you need to understand the basics of HOW to LEARN.

Of course you can learn all of that in the Mini Course!

There are a substantial amount of things that I want to teach all of you through this online learning medium. Here is a list of courses I have intentions to create, so that you get a little sneak peak!

More than just Self-Education

As you can see above the subject matter varies pretty greatly. Anywhere from business, to innovation, to learning, and to physical exercise / development.

All of these are areas I am well versed in, or I am learning now to be well versed in later when I create the course. The point of this personal brand beyond the #MAKEACHANGE ideal, is to document my journey through those subject matters. Currently since I am spending a lot of time learning, the main documentation that you are seeing is the Self-Education front. Mainly through my Modular Degree.

In the future I aim to create more content based around Innovation (where the Poly-Innovator name originates), or through business (as I have always been a social entrepreneur at heart).

You will be able to learn all that I can teach you through these courses, at least hopefully! It does come down to how open your mind is to the knowledge! As well as the quality put forth by me, which will be immense!!

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