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PolyCast = Polymath Podcast or PolyInnovator Podcast. Once again taking the jack of all trades approach to the content medium. I want to avoid niche-ing down, as I felt that it wouldn’t be aligned with my brand.

The whole point of me making this idea of PolyInnovator, was so that I could express myself in the form that I felt was best. Being a polymath is natural to me, and I want the content to reflect that ideal.

The PolyCasts I feel do a good job at doing that, as with the medium being so accessible I can create all kinds of cool episodes. I think that through the PolyCasts you as a subscriber will get news about different PolyInnovator Endeavors before everywhere else.

What I mean by that is when I approach a new endeavor on the timeline, that I spoke about on here, I will probably start the new content cycle through the audio format.

Where Can I find you?

User experience is something I crave to the best at, and I that also means I plan on being on many platforms. To make it as seamless as possible for you to listen.

Currently I am on these places:

Links will be added as they arise due to approvals, and loading old content!

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