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The name PolyBlog simply indicates that it is for the brand PolyInnovator. Think of it like a name for it, and it also indicates the nature of it. Poly originates from the old Greek words for Much or Many.

I created this image below a while ago, for the reason of explaining the brand name, PolyInnovator. However I think it may help in this case too.

polyinnovator definition instagram
polyinnovator definition Instagram

I took the concept of polymath, that being the mastery of many areas, and tried to apply it to blogging. My polymath nature makes me against the common convention of “niche-ing” down. Meaning I don’t want to focus purely on one single, or two, topics.

I also don’t want to be on just one platform.

Taking a Diversified Approach

You can take this idea of being everywhere as an “Omnichannel” strategy. Allowing to not only syndicate, distribute, and extend my blog; But also achieve greater user satisfaction because I am on their platform of choice.

The Subjects for Categories

I wanted to include my PolyCasts and Videos, into the website. However I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create an entire taxonomy for them, or if I were to just count them as a separate category each.

Considering the omnichannel approach entails that I upscale, or repurpose blog posts into Videos, then into PolyCasts (I do create them standalone as well). The content will be similar in nature, and I don’t want repeat posts. However I do think that by posting a single piece of content, regardless of its form, it won’t be duplicate because of the format. Not only would a PolyCast presumably include a transcription, but a video may entail special show notes too. Each medium will have their own text, despite it being about the same topic.

This is why I felt that it was prudent to not only do, but to also mention to you in this documentation. Just a disclaimer I do also want to note that user experience is quite important to me, and I strive to make the site as accessible as I can. Meaning the categories are available to you in the menu, and they can help you narrow down your search for specific types of posts!

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