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Poly Pro

The PolyInnovator Pro membership is geared towards making your experience even better.

If you are wanting to join or learn more check out the page:


All in all the level of support you give me and the company is truly appreciated. Even if it is a one off $1 or $100 a month, you are aiming to help ignite the brand even further. More over you are helping ME achieve the dreams that I have had since I was a child.

I hope that YOU can benefit from the exclusive content, and the deeper level of interactivity you get with me from it.

I even created a Discord channel, that when you join via Patreon, you get a special role in the chat.


Currently in the midst of deciding whether or not to make one of these providers the main source for PolyPro.




I’m thinking perhaps both, but if Uhmi ends up spurring up more craze because of how awesome it is going to be, then I may end up moving all the way over. All contributions before hand will still be counted, and especially considering this early time I may even throw in a special reward for those earlybirds! <3

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