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What I’m Reading (My Reccomendations)

The Importance of Reading!

Link to Kit page with most links!


Why do I read?

For me the purpose of reading is to expand my horizons and progression in life. If it doesn’t help me develop myself in some way, then I probably won’t read. Many people read to enjoy, but I don’t.

How do I go about it (what platforms for digital)?

Growing up I have had an aversion to the feeling of paper, which lead me to read much more digitally. Or listen to audible.

I actually used one platform voraciously for digital books and audiobooks:


(Full disclosure this is an affiliate link, as when you go signup for a trial, I get to read for free #winwin)


Who do I like to read?

Really a long list of authors and book collections, but one that stands out is Gary Vee.

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