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The Story of the U.L.C. [United Living Construct] by Dustin Miller

Why this book is important:

It talks about the essence of the United Living Construct in a more digestible manner. Many of the blog posts made on the city/community have a future-tense or grandiose aspect to them. There needed something to be more grounded in explaining the cool concept of an international-oceanic seastead acting like a capital for the world.


The U.L.C. is a city on the water concept, that acts as a hub of innovation for the world. Thereby creating the opportunity for it to be a catalyst for change in the world.

Perhaps even evolving from an innovation hub to a global capital.

How it will fit into the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

I created both PolyInnovator and the United Living Construct, for roughly the same purpose: To innovate the common norm.

Just both are on different scales, and the personal brand is obviously more geared towards myself. Making the foundation for the eventual seastead to be created off of PolyInnovator.

What is it for?

The book is for the simplification of the pseudo-utopian ideals that the city represent. I didn’t want people to dismiss the idea simply because it seemed farfetched. The book is meant to ground it more, and give everyone a chance to understand it more deeply.

When will it come out?

Presumably within the next half decade. I would like it to be sooner, but with the current trajectory of Omni-Content, Books, Courses, etc it seems it will be a small ways down the line.

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