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Skill Tree Based Learning by Dustin Miller

Why this book is important:

Schools have followed a learn this then that format for centuries, and the problem is that not everyone can follow suit that way. We are not all the same person, and will not learn the same way. The rise of Modular Education has given us the ability to choose how and what we learn.

Skill tree based learning is a step further on that idea, with the aspect of choosing WHEN we learn something in a skill set.

This book will exemplify the various ideas, and strategies for taking into account Skill Tree learning in your own life.


Modular Education is the Macro overview of your learning, and Skill Tree learning is the Micro.

How it will fit into the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

Considering the first phase of the PolyInnovator Omni-Content saga is based around Modular Education; The magnification of how we get into the nitty gritty of learning will evolve over time.

What is it for?

This should probably say what and WHO is it for, as the possibilities of branching learning experiences (such as with MOOC’s and courses) are immense. You never know how some new skill will take to your understanding. Or how quickly you learn. As an instructor I would teach a concept and after pushing for a while if it didn’t stick, we would move on to a new strategy. Either on the same skill or something similar to continuously make progress in some shape or form.

When will it come out?

This book is a bit farther down on my todo list, as the premise requires the understanding of Modular Education. Of which the book for Mod Edu will come not too long before this one. Look forward to both!

When signing up for the Skill Tree Based Teaching Certification course, then you will get this ebook for free!

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